Who Makes A Great Teeth Whitening Candidate?

Teeth yellow with age no matter how often you brush them. Part of this comes from plaque buildup and tartar. Having your teeth whitened can solve the problem and restore the youth of your smile. You need to choose a safe method of doing so though.

Skip Over the Counter Solutions

The bleaching agents used in over-the-counter products for the teeth whitening process can harm your gums. The trays used in these kits come in a one-size-fits-all style, but they do not fit everyone’s mouth. Ill-fitting trays rub against the gums causing tears. Visiting the dentist for this procedure provides the best results.

You should even avoid the kinds of toothpaste that whiten if you have sensitive teeth or untreated tooth decay. Yes, those cavities developing need treatment before teeth whitening occurs otherwise you cause more damage. That translates to a higher dental bill.

Visit Your Dentist for Whitening

When you visit your dentist for whitening, your teeth get checked first thing. Your dentist wants you to have healthy teeth and gums, so first they determine if you make a good candidate for the procedure.

If you do, your mouth gets measured and custom trays are made. These trays only fit you so they cannot shift or slide in your mouth while you wear them. That means your gums remain undamaged. Your dentist gives you a choice of products you take with you so you can whiten your teeth at home or working with the dentist at the office to whiten them. You can visit the office for the same procedure plus have the process sped along with the use of a special light that enhances the whitening agents.

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Who makes a good candidate?

If you have healthy teeth and gums, you can safely undergo teeth whitening. If you have untreated dental problems, you need to have those treated first. Those with sensitive teeth need to visit the dentist for treatment and discuss their level of sensitivity with the dentist first.

You will experience better results if you have mostly natural teeth still. Dental whitening agents lighten the enamel of your teeth. Crowns and composite fillings do not lighten. That does not mean you cannot obtain lighter teeth. You just need a different process like having your teeth capped.

Some people cannot have their teeth whitened. Pregnant women and those who are nursing infants should not have the procedure. You can, however, have your teeth whitened after you finish nursing. Like individuals with untreated tooth decay, it is just a matter of time. Choose a dentist Carrollton TX trusts and achieve that whiter smile you desire!

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