Ways To Look Great For Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit Season


As the bikini season looms, ramp up your physical activity. Any amount of it counts as coins adding up in a piggy bank.

It does not matter what kind of activity you opt for. Pop in some CDs and dance. Walk for miles with your dog. Climb the stairs instead of the elevator to the office. Remember you are making progress with every drop of sweat.

Do toning exercises

  • Woman doing pushupsPushups – Count on these exercises to simultaneously work out six muscles, namely the biceps, triceps, pectorals, abs, deltoids, and gluteals. A bent-knee pushup is recommended if you are new to these. Have a trainer check you up if you’re following the proper form.
  • Deadlifts – They tone the entire body, especially the legs, back, and butt. Hold dumbbells or a barbell. Stand with your legs as wide apart as your shoulders. Lift the weights and as you do, make sure to keep them close to your body. Avoid arching the back. You may want to engage a trainer just to see if your technique is correct. Go for a set of 8-12 repetitions.
  • Squats – These are ideal for your butt and thighs. One easy way to squat is to place your back against a wall, as if you are sitting on an unseen chair.  Make your feet are as wide apart as your hips, your abs sucked in. If you feel you are fitter, clench some dumbbells for added intensity. Go for three sets of six to 12 repetitions.
  • Rows – Those who are just beginning to exercise would find rows perfect for their back and arms. You would require a resistance cable for these. First, sit with slightly bent knees. Then gently pull the resistance cable. Exhale as you do so. Then go forward. Extend your elbows and inhale as you do so. Make 2-3 sets of 6-12 repetitions.
  • Pilates – Pilates gives strength to your abdominal and back muscles. If for some reason you cannot enroll in a Pilates class, try this basic pose at home. Lie on the floor. Slowly raise your legs and arms until you can make them upright. If you’re just beginning however, you need not straighten your legs. Try doing so only as you feel stronger.
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Improve posture

One of the immediate benefits of exercise is better posture. You need it more than ever if you want to wear swimsuit. Therefore, do something about a slouchy posture if you have one. It makes you look shorter than you really are and makes your belly seem rounder.

Good posture can be achieved if you always keep your shoulders back and back straight. Let both of your hips bear the weight of your torso.

Save on calories

You can do sit-ups till the world ends but still lug a pot belly around. Cutting your calorie intake is the key.

Where there are high-fat foods, go for low-calorie fruits and vegetables then. You also stand to save on calories by truncating your intake of refined carbohydrates, which makes your appetite go haywire. The usual suspects are anything white: pasta, rice, bread, and sugar.

Be discriminating about salad

Not every salad is healthy and low in calories. A cache of oils, mayonnaise, croutons, cheese, and bacons can easily undo every health benefit of a salad. You are better off with a salad that features more vigorous vegetables, such as spinach, than those ingredients.

Get more protein and fiber

It may sound counterintuitive but protein-rich foods can make you lose weight. They are slow to digest, making you feel full longer and not wanting to eat more. You tend to eat less of protein-rich food than refined carbohydrates.

Decrease bloating

One way to do this is boosting your fiber intake. Good fiber sources like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains facilitate regular bowel movement, evening out your stomach. Then again, too much beans and other high-fiber foods can lead to bloating.

Omit the salt, which can make you puff up like a blowfish for days. To further reduce your salt intake, pass on canned goods.

On top of these, keep alcohol at bay. It can unravel your progress in a jiffy; it significantly impedes your ability to melt fat. As a point of comparison, 12 oz. of beer is equivalent to 150 calories. Research also shows that alcohol stimulates you to eat more than your sober peers.

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Be a wiser shopper

Shopping for swimsuitsIf you have a full figure, you better be shopping for a swimsuit with intricate details around the neck. The goal is to reroute the eye of the beholder from the neck up. To cover up even more, slip on a fitted skirt. But be careful as not to drown in fabric. If you insist on a two-piece, get one with a waistband that can be adjusted to conceal unflattering portions of the tummy.

If you need to avert glances from your entire belly, get one of those fabulous one-piece suits. Some suits come integrated with belly control. Wrap styles, ruching, and side-detailing help slim down the look of your belly further. If your waist also troubles you, buy a suit with a plunging v-neck.

If you have thunder thighs, do away with board shorts for they make your legs look shorter and fatter. Go for shorts with higher hemlines instead. Draw eyes to your torso by opting for a v-neck.

If you have an ample bust, you would want a stylish top that offers enough support. For this reason, avoid high necklines and triangle tops, especially if you are size D and above. Halter tops and hidden bras suit you well.

String bikinis work best with a muscular body. Do not cover up too much or else you’d look like a box. Experiment with pleating, ruffles, bold patterns, and padding.

String bikinis also suit hourglass figures too. As do everything else: Hourglass figures look great in a wide range of swimsuit styles.

Put on some sunscreen

SunscreenWhile a bronzed look goes hand in hand with swimsuits, you still have to contend with the sun’s harmful rays of light. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun causes skin cancer, premature aging, and at the very least, sunburn.

Protect yourself against both UVA and UVB rays by liberally rubbing broad-spectrum sunscreen on exposed parts of your skin. Don’t neglect your lips too; stick some balm on them.

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If you still want that tan, you can avail of a sunless tanning product. These products contain DHA, which compels the most superficial skin layers to change colors. Since they do not contain bronze coloring, these products won’t stain your garments.

Get good sunglasses

Woman wearing sunglassYour skin is not the only organ at the receiving end of ultraviolet light. Your eyes need to be protected too, lest you increase your susceptibility to cataracts.

In a roundabout way, sunlight causes the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes for it makes you squint a lot.

There are sunglasses that purposely protect against UVA and UVB rays. Just because a lens is tinted darkly does not mean it guards against ultraviolet light.

Soften your skin

Swimsuit by default allows you to show skin. So you should make the effort to vaunt one that is smooth and soft.

To achieve that, regularly exfoliate and moisturize. Exfoliation sends rough, lifeless-looking skin to kingdom come. To this end, rely on natural exfoliants that use oat. On the other hand, moisturizers compel the skin to hold on to more water, thereby making it look fuller of vigor.

Get rid of unwanted hair

Today you have many options for hair removal around the bikini line. Shaving is always a short-term solution. For results that last longer, try waxing or applying depilatory creams. If you want to remove hair permanently, there are electrolysis and laser.

Laser hair removal is appropriate for those with light skin and dark hair. If you are unsure of your options, consult a dermatologist.

Never compare

Always rejoice in your successes, however little they may be. Do not shoot for perfection or else you would end up sorry for yourself. Instead of sizing yourself up against oh-so-perfect celebrities in magazines, compare yourself to yourself some time ago. Count your health blessings and let go of far-out expectations.

Take a closer look at some beach bodies. Rarely is everyone perfect.

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