The Top 5 Remedies For Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a major issue for both men and women, especially as they age. Some individuals may experience balding to severe hair loss as early as their 20s. While there are many ways you can try to delay balding and hair thinning, those who are genetically predisposed to hair loss will not be able to completely prevent it from happening. If you are struggling with hair loss there are several remedies that you can try. While some of these solutions will require help from a hair loss specialist, others can be tried right at home.

Hair Loss Shampoo

Although hair loss shampoos and other similar products are by no means a miracle worker, they can be effective at preventing hair loss and boosting growth for some people. Some of these shampoos work by increasing circulation in the scalp, blocking hair thinning hormones, or supplying vitamins needed to support healthy hair growth. Although a lack of substantial clinical trials means there is no way to prove these formulas can actually treat hair loss, hair product companies boast that customer reviews and internal reviews have shown them to be effective.

Hair Replacement Surgery

A doctor who specializes in treating hair loss can perform a hair replacement surgery to help give your hair its prior, full appearance and can even help improve your hair’s regrowth rates. This procedure is done either through follicular unit strip surgery or follicular unit extraction. Since most insurance plans don’t cover hair transplant surgery, you should expect the procedure to be very expensive. However, it is one of the most effective methods for combatting hair loss out there.

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Finasteride Tablets

Finasteride tablets are an FDA approved, proven method at treating hair loss. These tablets work by blocking the production of the DHT hormone that is known to contribute to male pattern baldness. It will help significantly in helping you regrow your hair, but you may experience some problematic side effects. Additionally, the effects will be reversed if you stop taking the medicine.


Like Finasteride, Minoxidil requires consistent use in order to benefit from its effects. This medication is a topical treatment that is approved by the FDA. It helps you grow new hair, especially on the crown of your head.

Laser Light Therapy

If you’re not dealing with going completely bald and simply want to prevent minor hair loss, laser light therapy can be effective at increasing blood flow to your scalp. Although this process will keep you from losing more hair, it will not help hair grow back.

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