Secret Weapons To Bodybuilding And Weight Loss

Weight loss
Supplement companies never run out of compliments for their own offerings. Some of this bias is justified. Their products are up-to-date, in keeping with the newest information about the human anatomy and the ways supplements influence your training, growth and recovery.

In the process, what’s “in” today may be “out” tomorrow. Many vitamins and herbal extracts, once so trendy, have been sent to Coventry.

Your secret weapons to weight loss and bodybuilding are these supplements. Just because they are no longer relevant does not mean they are any less effective or safe. If anything, they hold more value for your hard-earned money. Consider the following supplements:


As it were, cayenne is like the nuclear bomb of these supplements. It can suppress appetite, force thermogenesis, and increase metabolism with equal aplomb.

It is also good for the cardiovascular system as it can help manage hypertension, prevent blood clotting, alleviate muscle aches and headaches, and reduce risk of heart disease. It combats fatigue by increasing circulation and decreases bad cholesterol levels by thinning the blood.

Take cayenne in pill form, lest you want a nuclear bomb in your mouth. Guzzle more water as you do. Before long your body will be inured to this explosive supplement.


What is a very powerful thermogenic supplement, capable of burning plenty of fats; increasing muscular ATP; boosting immunity; guarding liver function; lowering cholesterol; and reducing high blood pressure? Just a little “lethal weapon” called ginger.

Take 2.5 gm of ginger daily, in capsule form if you want to spare yourself from the spiciness. Should you insist on bulk powder, be a little more discriminating in your purchase. Plenty of fakers await your money.

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Once an “it” thing in bodybuilding supplements, guarana has fallen down from its pedestal. A shame: Guarana has always been known to stimulate lipid migration, facilitating the conversion of fat into energy, and suppress appetite. Yet it has been relegated to astringent products and anti-cellulite creams.

Guarana temporarily lifts body temperature and compels metabolic thermogenesis by stimulating your body’s receptor pathway. This action leads to the simplification of fat deposits in the body into energy.

Your metabolic rate should increase if thermogenesis is spurred by nutritional supplements like guarana. Guarana is partly made up of theobromine and theophylline, compounds associated with raising metabolic rate, to say nothing of suppressing hunger, fighting fatigue, and improving the body’s overall performance.

Guarana can be a good substitute for caffeine because it gives a slower spike in energy.

Vitamin B-9

Also known as folic acid, this vitamin has been pushed to the periphery over the years in bodybuilding. Yet vitamin B-9’s potency has not changed all along, an essential nutrient for cellular repair and function. You see, folic acid is not just for mothers and infants.

It helps the bodybuilder mainly in two ways. First, it aids in the utilization of amino and second, the utilization of sugars. Put another way, this vitamin can aid you in gaining muscle and metabolizing carbohydrates at the same time.

Most people only appreciate the utility of folic acid when they lack it. Folic acid deficiency impairs cellular division and alters protein synthesis. The body’s fastest-growing tissues, e.g. muscles, often take the brunt.

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According to Dr. Atkins, you need more than the Recommended Daily Allowance of folic acid, set at 400 micrograms. Both recommendations should be taken cautiously though, because any dose higher than 15mg could lead to difficulty sleeping, stomach upset, skin disorders, and even seizures.

Vitamin C

You probably already know vitamin C as one of the best immune system strengtheners in nature. Taken in hyper-doses, i.e. more than 1000 mg, vitamin C may exhibit reductive properties on cortisol.

This compound hinders the muscle-building properties of testosterone and even compels catabolism, tearing down muscle tissues. You would want to be in an anabolic or muscle-growing condition rather than a catabolic one. To that end, you may consider ramping up your vitamin C intake.


You need to reassess your arsenal against fat and catabolism, foes that never back down for the world. You can emerge triumphant in the battle by putting on a take-no-prisoner demeanor and arming yourself with these secret weapons. Soon the war’s scales will tip on your side.

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  1. FBFR says:

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    It really assisted me. All the information you have shared about to lose the weight is good. What I like is that all the tips you have shared to lose the weight are natural ingredients. These are really sweet weapon to lose the weight and maintain good health.

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    Wow, this is such quite informative blog. I also like the creativity of this blog mostly the blog pattern. The things you have discussed are important…Any way Thanks & Keep doing the great work buddy!!

  4. Marktwin says:

    Wow, this is such quite informative blog. I also like the creativity of this blog mostly the blog pattern. The things you have discussed are important…Any way Thanks & Keep doing the great work buddy!!

  5. Ginger? is that the ginger used in cooking or a supplement product that just contains ginger extracts? Never thought that ginger has this kind of ability for building up muscle.

  6. Ginger? Is that the ginger usually used in cooking or it’s a supplement products that has ginger extract on it? I never thought that ginger has that kind of ability for building muscle.

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    As with any supplements, one product may work for one person and not for another. Therefore, you’d have to try it yourself in order to discover if a supplement, including guarana, helps you to achieve your goals.Keep in mind that supplements are just that. They are supplements NOT replacements for a healthy regimen.

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