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Different Kinds Of Antibiotics

An antibiotic is a substance that is used to treat various infections and illnesses. It is a chemical that comes generally from molds that is designed to kill microorganisms that causes diseases. One of...

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Women, Don’t Lie About Your Health To The Doctor

Everybody lies. Whether it’s a white lie, a lie by omission, or a lie by exaggeration, women lie for different reasons.  We tell lies to our mothers, our partners, our friends.  But the one...

Tuberculosis Health Facts

The World Health Organization reports that almost 2 billion people (a third of the world’s entire population) have been exposed to Tuberculosis, with 8 million becoming ill and 2 million dying each year. Some...

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Anti Antibiotics – How To Fight Infection Naturally

The overuse of antibiotics has become so worrying that some medical association have published an official warning about their misuse and encouraged people to find alternative ways of treating infection. Find out ways to strengthen your defenses naturally.