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The Ugly Truth Behind Beauty Culture

The Ugly Truth Behind Beauty Culture

Cosmetic procedures and beauty products are so popular nowadays that the public turns a blind eye to the risks they entail. Take a look at the health risks posed by these unnecessary products and...

Truly Healthy Hygiene

An increasing number of scientists, those in the environmental movement, and everyday people are questioning the safety of the chemical products that we ingest and put on our bodies daily. The question is not...

10 Most Bizarre And Wacky Beauty Products

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, women would go to any length to make and keep themselves young and beautiful.  Vanity knows no limits and will venture any and every possibility when it...

Natural Beauty Tips For 50 Plus Women

A few fine lines here or a patch of gray there need not be a source of worry for women on the other side of 50, since with the advent of advanced skin and hair rejuvenating products or modern non-surgical facial treatments, aging no longer can be associated with loss of glamor or beauty.