Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine is a popular blog with content dealing with a combination of factors to maintain good health – from eating healthy food to exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight to being smoke-free, getting sufficient sleep to taking time to de-stress.

Because it ranks well on search engines for several healthy lifestyle related keywords, visitors to the blogs consists of casual internet users who are seeking information on how to maintain good health and recommended health products to use.

Why Should You Advertise On Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine?

Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine has rapidly established itself within its niche while steadily developing a strong audience and subscriber base.

Here are some third party stats:

  • Page Rank 4
  • More than 100,000 page views a month
  • 350+ RSS Feed subscribers

Advertising Option And Rates

Here are the details on the advertising options currently available:


1. Text Links

Text links are located site wide on the right sidebar under the Featured section.

Pricing is currently $70 per month per link.

If you’re interested in buying a text link, please email us with the subject title TEXT LINK.

2. Top Links

Top links are located either on homepage only or at the very top of every page of the blogzine.

Pricing is currently $100 per month per link for homepage only, and $80 per month per link for sitewide.

If you’re interested in buying a top link, please email us with the subject title TOP LINK.

3. Product Reviews

You are welcome to promote and create buzz for your products or services (health related) in the form of a product review article, we will charge $500 per review.

Articles on the blogzine get a lot of traffic from search engines results. This one time price of $500 is extremely low since your article will get the search engine traffic over and over again. Product Review articles remain at least 24 hours as the front page post. This gives your article a maximum exposure to the readers.

If you’re interested for us to do a product or website review, feel free to contact us with the subject title PRODUCT REVIEW.

Need more information?

Still not sure about placing an ad? We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have concerning Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine and the ad options available.

Feel free to contact us.