3 Ways To Improve Riding Skills

Horseback riding is a popular sport for many people. There are many equestrian sports to choose from for every skill level so you can always improve your skills as a rider. Here are three ways you can become a better equestrian.

Improve Your Balance

Balance is one of the most important skills for a horseback rider to have. Not only do you need strong leg muscles to communicate clearly with your mount, but you also need a strong core so you can maintain your seat when your horse spooks or transitions between gaits. You can strengthen your muscles by practicing yoga or other balance exercises. You can also practice your balance on horseback by riding without stirrups. It may be useful to set up an obstacle course to ride through so you can get used to shifting your weight appropriately as your mount maneuvers around objects of steps over poles attached to horse jump cups. Incorporating all of these exercises into your daily lifestyle can help you feel more comfortable on horseback.

Try a Different Riding Discipline

There is an equestrian sport to suit every preference. If you like fast events, barrel racing could be your ideal sport. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you might prefer jumping. It is easy to become confident in your chosen sport but trying new events is a great way to improve your equestrian skills. If you’re used to jumping, you could try dressage to work on your communication skills with your mount. If you usually compete in endurance riding, cross country could add an additional element to enhance your riding skills. It doesn’t matter how you choose to change sports but getting outside of our comfort zone is the best way to improve your skills.

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Create a Bond With Your Mount

Riding different horses is a great way to get used to different riding styles but creating a bond with your mount is a good way to make you feel more comfortable in the saddle. Spend time with your favorite mounting grooming and talking to him or her. The stronger your bond is, the better you can predict how your horse will react in unexpected situations. This in turn makes you a better rider.

Even experienced riders can enhance their equestrian skills by trying different sports. Practice is key when it comes to improving your equestrian skills so plan to spend more time in the saddle improving your balance and strengthening your bond with your mount so you can become a better rider.

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