Money Tips From Movies

An incalculable amount of people go to the newsstands and finance websites to read some money advice. In so doing, they have unwittingly ignored the best money lessons — which are embedded in movie scenes.

Here are just a few tips on financial wellness as taught by movie characters.

Big Daddy

Don’t worry if your stock investments take the plunge and you barely have anything to eat. Just visit dented-can stores. Pay little attention to the dangerously near expiry dates.

Bull Durham

A bar brawl probably won’t compromise your source of income. But do not fool around while paying credit card bills as to prevent late penalties and added interest.

Christmas Vacation

Thou shall not splurge your Christmas bonus when you have not received it in the first place. Your bosses may have planned to substitute it with some atrociously cheap Christmas present.


Before you go on a continent-wide vacation, know the countries where your moolah can stretch the longest, e.g. Bratislavia.

Fight Club

Freeload off support group meetings for food and coffee. These meetings are bound to give you energy savings too, as you would be unplugging your TV. You would rather listen to the far more amusing, real-life exploits of addicts.

Fraggle Rock

Going to the grocery for fruits and veggies at highly inflated prices is daft. Going covertly to the local farm/garden and harvesting them fresh is divine.

Reality Bites

Don’t just learn how to save money while filling up at the gas station. Earn some wad too.

Go to the station and act as the attendant. Register every cash payment you receive from customers under your credit card. This way you’d get rewards galore.

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Shawshank Redemption

But of course: Get busy living or get busy dying. This handy credo means that you must stay away at all costs from the clink, where items are unreasonably marked up.

Star Trek, The Next Generation

Make do with glasses instead of pricey contacts and other vision corrections, which are otherwise widely available in this age of spaceships. Save yourself the extra expense. Geordi is a perfect case in point.

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