Questions To Ask Before Getting Liposuction

You can spend months doing crunches and other exercises to target the muscles around your stomach and still not feel confident in the way you look. Age, genetics and other factors can cause people to carry weight around their midsections that diet and exercise just cannot fix. Liposuction is a procedure that allows a doctor to remove excess fat from around your stomach and anywhere else on your body. You should ask a few questions before undergoing the procedure though.

What Does the Aftercare Look Like?

Make sure that you find out what kind of aftercare is available. Liposuction is usually an outpatient procedure that takes a few hours or less to perform. Some doctors will let you go home mere minutes after you wake up and become alert, but other surgeons will ask you to stick around for a few hours. You generally want a surgeon who offers aftercare support and one who will make sure you’re ready to go home before letting you leave.

Will You Have Any Scarring?

When doing liposuction, the surgeon makes a small incision and inserts a small tube that acts like a vacuum. The doctor will move this tube around to remove all the excess fat in that area. Asking about the scars that other patients had can make you feel more confident about the doctor you chose. You want someone who is honest with you about how you will look later.

How Much Experience Does the Doctor Have?

Always ask the doctor in charge of your procedure about how much experience he or she has. If you live in North Carolina, you’ll want to work with board certified plastic surgeons in NC. Board certified surgeons are those who have more experience and passed an exam from a certification board or agency. Working with someone who has more experience reduces your risks of having any scars or discomfort later. You can also check with the board in your state for information regarding that surgeon. Asking just three simple questions will help you find the right liposuction surgeon for your procedure.

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