How Being Obese Can Affect Pregnant Women And Their Baby

If you are looking to have a baby and are over weight or obese consider that you could be putting not only yourself but your baby or potential baby at risk. In recent years obesity has become one of the biggest threats to expecting mothers, unborn babies and women trying to conceive.

Here are some of the difficulties that you will or might face if you are obese and pregnant or looking to get pregnant.

There is an increased risk of miscarriage in obese women. If you are obese and pregnant there is up to a four times greater likelihood to have a still born baby. The more over weight the mother is the more likely they are to have longer labors, need assistance or are less likely to be able to have a natural birth.

There is also a difficulty in being able to detect problems with the baby using ultra sound because of the layers of fat caused by being overweight. Unborn babies are also at risk for things like heart and spine abnormalities and other congenital defects as a result of the mother being over weight.

If you are over weight there is also an increased chance of developing symptoms of severe high risk pregnancy like high blood pressure, and diabetes which can lead to things like liver and kidney complications.

With obesity on the rise and knowing that there would be increased risks to both the mother and the baby, the best way to resolve these issues is to lead a healthy lifestyle and to make sure you stay at a weight that is right for you. This may not be the doctor recommended weight but there is always a median that works well for each individual person that indicates where they are the healthiest.

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Maintaining or reaching this weight prior to pregnancy can help to ensure that not only is conception as easy as nature intended but that both mother and baby maintain their health throughout the pregnancy with a limited number or no complications. When you are considering having a baby or are pregnant it’s a good idea to be as healthy as possible and keep that health.

If you are overweight and looking at having a child, or pregnant consider the problem that being overweight will or may cause issues with both you and your child.

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