5 Things To Do Before Bed Every Night

Bedtime is one of the most important times of the day. Your sleep can boost your health significantly by reducing your stress, improving your mood, and regulating the hormones in your body. With that said, some people have trouble falling asleep at night. The following article details 5 things you could do before bed every night for a better rest.

Tell Your Loved Ones Goodnight

While not such a great thing to think about, you never know what could happen in the middle of the night—or anytime, for that matter. So, make sure you kiss your loved ones, tell them goodnight, and make sure they know that you love them. Every single night.

Take a Moment to Meditate and Reflect

Did you have a good day? Or, was your afternoon rough? Did you do well at work? Or, did you forget to pick up the kids from soccer practice? Did you write a series of dental articles that you could have done better on? Whatever the case may be, whatever your day was like, you should take a moment to meditate and reflect on it. Plan for a better day tomorrow, let go of anything negative about today, and settle in for a refreshing night’s sleep.

Wash Your Face

Washing your face before bedtime is a great way to both close your pores and ready your skin for a restful, healing night’s sleep. Your cells are set to repair themselves while you sleep. And scrubbing your face, then splashing it with cold water, simply feels amazing before bed.

Fluff Your Pillows

Comfort is a big deal when it comes to your quality of sleep. So, fluff your pillows, make sure the comforter is warm and plush enough, and round out your nightly routine with a short story from a bedside book. Or, if you love a subtle noise while you doze, invest in a fan for a constant rush and whir of cool air.

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Tell Yourself What to Dream

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t—but many people have discovered that they can think really hard on some things, then tell themselves to dream about it. If you have something you would love to dream about, such as winning the lottery or being reunited with a loved one, suggest it to yourself before dozing off.

Your bedtime routine is a make-it or break-it ritual because the amount of sleep you get is paramount to great health. So, prep yourself for bedtime with the aforementioned methods, and have sweet dreams.

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