The Benefits Of Using An Open MRI Machine

In the past, many medical patients would suffer great anxiety when they knew they were scheduled to undergo an MRI test. However, with the advent of more modern medical technology, this fear has been lessened due to the increased use of MRI machines that are open and that do not require the patient to be slid into a tube. Here are some of the many benefits to choosing an open MRI machine.

1. There is far less noise in an open machine versus a closed one. Closed machines produce noise which some patients consider to be near unbearable and, in fact, even resort to wearing ear plugs to drown out the sounds.

2. With an open machine, the ability of the technician to scan body parts that are hard to reach is increased. This is a great benefit for orthopedic patients, as body parts such as hands, feet, or wrists are very difficult to center when confined in a cylindrical MRI machine.

3. Patients who suffer from claustrophobia are alleviated of the great fear they faced upon entering the machine. Also, those patients who happen to be of a wider girth have often been very uncomfortable when placed into the machine, if they were even able to be placed into it at all. By using an open machine, both types of patients can have their body parts scanned with as little of discomfort as possible.

4. The costs of the testing can sometimes be lessened. For those patients who were anxious about closed machine testing, one of the solutions of the past was to sedate the patient. However, sedation can often be expensive and adds an additional cost to either the insurance bill or to the patient’s out of pocket expense. Also, larger patients often had to be re-tested due to the fact the machine could not get a proper reading during the first test. Re-testing a patient is cost-prohibitive for the hospital and is sometimes not honored by insurance companies, so the patient is left holding the bill.

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It is plainly evident that there are many benefits to using an open machine versus a closed one. This is an option every hospital or clinic should consider.

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