Utilizing Services Geared Toward Total Body, Mind And Spirit Healing

Few people actually go into recreational drug use or drinking with the intention of becoming addicted. Most people assume that they can take a few hits, smoke a few joints, or knock back a few drinks and then quit without wanting more. However, they are often caught off guard at how much their bodies will continue to crave these substances even after they try to quit cold turkey. It is not until they undergo professional rehabilitation services that many addicts are able to escape the hold that drugs and alcohol have over every aspect of their lives.

The type of services you choose to help you regain sobriety should give you the opportunity to heal not only your body but also your mind and spirit. Drug abuse and alcoholism affect more than just your physical well-being. These addictions also impact your emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness as well. When you want to remedy every aspect of your life so that you avoid the temptation to use again, you may reach that goal by undergoing treatment at facilities like IOP Miami Florida and other centers that offer holistic care to drug addicts and alcoholics.

Therapeutic Programs

When you check into one of these facilities, you can expect to undergo a variety of treatments designed to heal your mind, body, and spirit. You may begin by first going through a medical evaluation to determine to what extent your drug abuse or alcoholism has affected your body. You may suffer from addiction-related conditions like anemia, hepatitis, HIV, or cirrhosis. Depending on what conditions you suffer from, you will then receive medical treatments designed to improve your physical health.

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You also will go through individual and group counseling to help you discover the root cause of your desire to use or drink. Many addicts cannot pinpoint what caused them to start using in the first place. They may dismiss the initial cavalier experimentation with drugs and alcohol as nothing more than reckless and youthful abandon. However, in reality they may have been drawn to using or drinking because they wanted to cover up some internal trauma in their lives. Your counseling will help you identify that root cause and lead you to accept and heal from it.

Finally, holistic healing involves going through spiritual care, which is designed to help you relinquish your control over your addiction to a higher power. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or some other faith, you will be matched to a spiritual program that suits your particular needs and beliefs. If you are agnostic or atheist, you may be taught relaxation or meditation exercises that still allow your spirit to heal and rejuvenate itself.

After you finish your program, you are not turned loose to the world. Instead, you may enrolled in an after-care program that allows you to maintain contact with your doctors, counselors, and other addiction support staff. This connection is vital in the first few months as you adjust back into society. You could avoid the temptation to use or drink again by taking part in an after-care recovery program.

Learning More

All of this may sound very promising but at the same time very overwhelming, which is why you are invited to learn more online. When you visit the website, you can explore at length the various facilities and programs like Trust the Process, group counseling, exercise programs, and more that you will encounter once you check yourself into the rehabilitation services. You can take a virtual tour so that you know what to expect when you arrive. You can also view videos and pictures of the facilities so that you can reassure yourself that you will be in good hands throughout your recovery.

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You might have questions about whether or not your insurance will cover any of the costs of your program. You can use the live chat option on the website to ask questions about costs and other financial aspects of the services.

Arming yourself with all of the knowledge you need before checking into rehab can give you the best chances of recovery. Learn more about the programs and recovery opportunities available to you when you go through holistic addiction treatment. The programs are set up to heal every aspect of your life from physical to mental and spiritual impacts inflicted from your drug use or drinking. You can get important details about insurance and costs, length of stay, and more.

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