How To Make Your Elderly Pet’s Life As Comfortable As Possible

elderly dog
Everyone wants to keep their older dog as happy and comfortable as possible, but aging can be hard on man’s best friend. While the traditional saying has been that dogs age seven years for every human one, large dogs age even faster, and any dog can show signs of old age before we expect it. After giving you a lifetime of love and loyalty, your canine companion deserves to be cared for in his or her golden years. Here are four ways you can make your pet’s life as comfortable as possible.

Quality Medical Care

Older pets often suffer from a decreased immune system, making them more susceptible to illness and infection. Keep up to date with all recommended vaccinations, and talk to your veterinarian about other preventative care. Brushing your dog’s teeth may sound silly, but dental care can prevent a number of future problems. Senior pets should get an annual check up, including any necessary blood work to catch problems early on.

High Quality Diet

Thanks to a sensitive gastrointestinal tract, older dogs often need foods that are more easily digested. Most senior pets also have different calorie needs than their younger counterparts. Obesity is a common problem for elderly pets and carrying extra weight can cause joint problems. Choosing a dog food that is especially designed for senior dogs solves these problems, and these foods often contains anti-aging nutrients as well.

Improve Mobility

One of the most common complaints with older dogs is their decreased activity, often caused by joint pain and stiffness. Gentle exercise is crucial to maintaining your dogs mobility and physical health. If your dog is still suffering from joint pain, try adding a dog glucosamine supplement, such as Myristin. Make life a little easier for your dog by adding ramps and small steps to help it get around the house.

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Prevent Boredom

Just like humans, dogs need mental stimulation to be truly happy. Older dogs may not learn new tricks, as the saying goes, but they can be engaged and played with. Take your senior pup on slow walks, cuddle, and give them the attention they crave. If you do begin to see signs of senility, talk to your vet right away.

Dog love their human caretakers with all their hearts. As your beloved pet ages, show how much you love them back with high quality care.

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