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How Television Effects Preschoolers

How Television Effects Preschoolers and ChildrenMultimedia was invented in order for information to travel as fast as the speed of light. It has been very useful in the fields of broadcasting and journalism, industry, marketing, entertainment and education. The secondary goal of multimedia is to educate, inform and inspire, but apparently, this has not always been the case. Some parents are blaming technology and multimedia, particularly the television on the continuous decrease of their children’s competency.

Negative Effects of Watching Television to Preschoolers

Children of young age should be exposed to the world because this is their way of learning values and skills they could use when they grow older. That is why it is recommended for parents to allow their children to play with other children for at least an hour. This is their training ground for learning camaraderie, socializing, sportsmanship, etc. However, because of the development of advanced technologies, more preschoolers today prefer to watch TV at home or play video games which is not a healthy lifestyle.

Studies have shown that the time of watching TV is directly related to the BMI of a child. Meaning, longer hours of sitting in front of the TV would result to a higher body mass index. This is due to lack of physical activity and exercise and also a larger amount intake of junk foods and soft drinks.

Also, without interaction with others, children would have a hard time developing their language skills. Television cannot teach your child that. They have to interact, converse with others in order to learn how to express themselves.

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The most harmful effect of TV viewing is it deprives your child from studying or reading educational materials. There is a reason why televisions are also called “idiot boxes”. No matter how good the education your child is getting, if he does not have the focus, it would be wasted.

Alternatives for Watching Television

As parents, you need to be creative and think of other healthy activities that you and your children can engage so they could do away with watching TV.

Try asking him to help you with your chores and praise him or give a reward for doing so. You could also try buying story telling CD’s and make your kids listen to it when you are busy. In this way, they could learn values and exercise their brain tissues.

Another way is to construct an “activity basket” filled with educational toys like puzzles, and reading materials that could keep your child busy and could take watching television off his mind.

How to reduce your Preschooler’s Television Time

Experts recommend no more than one to two hours of TV a day for children two years old and older. Be careful cause the longer he stays in front of the television, the harder it would be to get him off. Always keep in tract how much time your child is in front of the colored tube. When he surpassed the recommended time, give him other things to do like the ones mentioned above.

Be careful also on the advertisements your preschooler gets to watch because most of it are not child friendly. Cigarettes, alcohol, and unhealthy foods are just some of the negative advertisements your child might be exposed to thus should be avoided. The best way to prevent this is by choosing educational channels like National Graphic or Discovery Channel.

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When your kid ask you why you always interrupt and turn off the TV when he is watching too much, explain your reasons to him. Tell him the consequences of sitting in front of the tube and not paying much attention to school works. Be honest, they deserve the truth anyway. It is better if they know what is happening around them.

Be a model to your kid, if you don’t want them to watch so much, then you shouldn’t either. Teach your preschoolers how to live a healthy lifestyle as young as possible so there would not be a problem in the future.

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