Women’s Worries During Dates

Women’s Worries During First DatesYou’re on a dinner date with this wonderful woman and you have been talking for the past two minutes or so. Then you realize she hasn’t paid attention to a word you’ve spouted.

It’s not you; it’s most probably her. I can assure you she is trying her best to concentrate on the date at hand but she just can’t.

While men try to be someone he is not in order to make an impression on women, women’s mind wander off to many worries, to wit:

Who will be footing the bill

As soon as you are seated for your date, your partner may be reflecting on this longer than comfortable. She’s afraid you’d think her ungrateful for not offering to pay. At the same time, she’s also worried you’d be slighted if she does the offer. Make it clear to her that everything is on you; tell her to order as she pleases.

Aftermath of the date

Women are always faced with a conundrum during and in the wake of a date. She couldn’t predict if you want to sleep with her or reckon her a whore for so much as considering that. If you’re the type who wants to have sex on a first date, let your intentions be known from the get-go. Unobtrusively push some condoms across the table and say “later.”

What you are looking for

Before, during, and after a date, women are constantly asking themselves what you intend to get out of this date. It would be a sin to keep her guessing. Clarify it for her, whether you simply want an overnight tryst, long strings to be attached to, or the prize of a bet.

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If she is making sense with her rambling

Sometimes women, in a bid to impress you, tell never-ending stories without necessarily being coherent. Believe me: She’s also as perplexed as you are about WTF she is babbling about. Free her of the inconvenience by cutting in with anecdotes vaguely related to hers.

Her friends’ opinions

Her peers can be the most loving but judgmental people on earth. Even as you are captivating her beyond reason, she is also pondering her friends’ take on the matter. So that she would not be subjected to her friends’ disparagement, try being more handsome, humorous, gentler, and wealthier than usual. A glowing report may follow.

If she still looks fine

What she looked like at 9 pm may not be the same one on the mirror at 10. With no mirror on hand during the date – and even if she had she could not just get it out of her bag, not in your view – she is mentally making a big deal of anything stuck in her teeth, etc. So do her a favor and tell her she looks fine. Or you can choose to put something in between your teeth too 🙂

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