Men’s Most Common Pretensions To Impress Women

Men’s Most Common Pretensions to Impress WomenPassion is known to cloud judgment. In this view, dating could really make fakers out of the most honest men. Just do a little survey of your pals and they’d immediately fess up about this crime.

Everyone from Romeo to Ron Weasley has tried to be someone he is not in order to make an impression on girls. Browse through this list and see if you haven’t done any of these:

Constantly dressing up

Fancy dressing is never wrong, unless it is a 360-degree shift from your usual wardrobe on a daily basis. In a relationship, you need not conceal yourself in normal wear from your girl. Alternatively you can revamp your entire wardrobe to reflect this new you.

Getting into fights to prove manliness

Nothing screams manliness than getting into fights, right? Right? Wrong. Fighting is not manly; it’s moronic. Granted, the man in question may be functioning like a mega-douche around your ladylove but he may have an entire posse of friends as hungry as you for a brawl. It’s never manly to be on the floor, bleeding and on the cusp of death.

Going to a highbrow function, pretending to comprehend everything

Women gravitate towards cultured guys as much as the crude ones, neither of which means you should start acting bright or bad. Do not pretend to be part of the intelligentsia should you happen to be with a girl in an art exhibit, play or lecture.

Parlay your relative dumbness into self-deprecating humor that sits well with your girl. If she does not get it, you are better off with someone on your intelligence level.

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Lying about past accomplishments

It is one thing to gloss over your mistakes and failures but completely another to tell an outright lie. Oftentimes a girl can recognize a lie when she hears it. Granted, your make-believe story may sound so convincing but you need persistence and a good memory to keep it up. Even then there is the all-too real risk they would fail you. The same warning applies to making a résumé.

Performing a song composed for her on the guitar

An acoustic guitar seems to be a fail-proof ticket to winning someone’s heart. Sadly you’re no guitar expert like Carlos Santana. If you’re certain of your songwriting credibility though, test your creation on a girl pal. She’d probably laugh so hard but not as much as people looking at you playing the composition outside your crush’s house. Really start learning how to play guitar!

Pretending to like a band

Music may turn out to be a unifying denominator between you and a girl. Some bands just command universal love like the Beatles, etc. But drop the name of an obscure band not to your liking to a girl you’ve met at a music fest. You’d only be cheating yourself. Picture yourself a year from now, pulling your hair out while listening to X disc of this obscure band just to continue the charades.

Recreating a scene from a romantic comedy

Not all women appreciate you remaking that scene straight out of My Best Friend’s Wedding or You’ve Got Mail. They may adjudge you “cute” for the effort but as you may know, that adjective is never enough. They do highly appreciate originality.

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Throwing a random party to demonstrate your coolness

Contrary to what you think, girls do not instantly like guys who throw parties, especially if they do not celebrate anything at all. This party would smell “fake” from any angle anyway. Worse, she’d probably respond to your invitation by tagging along a guy friend with whom she’d happily perform public displays of affection.

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  1. Great post. I do agree with all of these points.I did most of these methods to impress women.

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