Celebrities Who Overcame ADHD

Celebrity with ADHD - Ty PenningtonAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder, more commonly known as ADHD, afflicts 8 to 10 percent of kids. Supposedly a chronic disorder, ADHD messes with the way they focus, judge, and control what he or she is saying or doing.

Research has indicated that 75 percent of ADHD children suffer symptoms well into adult age. Left untreated, ADHD could have repercussions on the way your children handle emotions and social interaction later in life.

Then again, the extent of children’s hyper-activeness apparently goes down with age. For even though ADHD sufferers experience symptoms well into adulthood, they somehow learn coping mechanisms along the way.

People can cope with ADHD. There are no better examples of this fact than ADHD sufferers among the stars. Celebrities, like the mortals they are, have also grappled with ADHD and managed to keep it out of the way to stardom.

ADHD Athletes

Celebrities with ADHD - Michael PhelpsYou probably don’t know this but Olympic medalist Michael Phelps has ADHD since he was 9 years old. As a child, Michael was such a handful, unable to stop moving and talking. In effect, he had a hard time in academics. All these changed when he discovered the joys of swimming. He learned discipline and focus through this competitive sport.

There’s another famous ADHD patient, Cammi Granato. The US women’s ice hockey team captain said that ADHD has both been boon and bane to her life. On one hand, the disorder can be very tough to adjust to. But the extra energy, creativity, and other corollaries Granato inadvertently got from it have allowed her to excel in ice hockey. She acknowledged her condition as having helped her triumph at the 1999 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.

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ADHD Politicians

James Carville, Bill Clinton’s lead campaign manager, has his own chronicles of the disorder. For all his brilliance, he dropped out of college because ADHD diverted him so much. It was politics, he claimed, that helped him overcome ADHD. He parlayed the energy levels associated with the condition into a successful career in politics.

ADHD Musicians

Celebrities with ADHD - Solange KnowlesFor Beyonce Knowles’ little sis Solange, music is key to overcoming ADHD. The singer-actress could not believe she had the condition when she got the diagnosis for the first time. The truth sank in only after the second diagnosis.

ADHD tarnished Solange’s social life. People thought she would take drugs, hence her heightened energy levels and queer way of talking. Before long, she found the good aspect of ADHD, its capability to induce creativity. Solange exploited this at length in songwriting.

ADHD TV Personalities

Christopher Knight, also known as Peter Brady on the 1970s show The Brady Brunch, would find so many things fighting for his attention then. He would have a hard time memorizing the script and just concentrate on something.

Celebrities with ADHD - Howie MandelDeal or No Deal host Howie Mandel is yet another ADHD sufferer. He was only diagnosed with the condition lately but he had been showing symptoms earlier in life. In high school, he was fond of playing pranks, which caused his expulsion. To this day, ADHD makes him do things on impulse and pulls him away from concentration. It gives him a difficult time at work, just when he needs focus so much.

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Ty Pennington, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition host, derives some of his great energy from his condition. He owned up to the fact that as a child, he was a real piece of work. He would have to be handed a paper and crayon to calm down. ADHD took its toll on his grades, both in college and high school.

Fortunately, they have since received correct treatment and remedies for their suffering. Now they are in a better position to catch themselves when the disorder acts up.


Those who do not have ADHD may find it hard to relate with sufferers of the condition. If you’re one of them, just remember that you are not the only one who suffers in this relationship. They did not wish this condition upon themselves.

If you suffer yourself, there is cause to hope for a sense of normalcy. If these celebrities, with so many roadblocks stacked against them in their lives, can do it, so can you.

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    As someone who lives with an ADD partner, it’s nice to hear uplifting stories about celebs who have used their disorder to achieve success. I will pass this article on.

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    A nice article that highlights the benefits of ADHD. A great resource for those suffering with ADHD and those living with them, is the book “365+1 Ways to Succeed with ADHD” by Laurie Dupar. It is a conglomoration of advice from some of the leading experts in the industry. It was #1 on Amazon in it’s category. Also CHADD is a nationwide organization that is great resource.

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