Why Online Backup Is The Best

External hard disks, tape units, zip drives, CDs, and DVDs are backup tools of the past. Today, nothing smacks of practicality and convenience more than online backup solutions.

Backing up online has manifold advantages, not least of which is relief from the intricacies attendant on manually making copies of files. From an application perspective, managing backup solutions is complicated enough of itself, especially if it involves tape cartridge devices. With tape backup, you need to bother with vaulting tapes offsite, at hours you certainly didn’t appoint.

Online backup fills a universal need of businesses to reduce capital and overhead. It also tremendously does away with risk, which is never more unwelcome among small- and medium-scale enterprises; remote offices; and mobile consumers.

Conventional backup solutions are a big mishmash in the market but many of them can’t guarantee effectiveness.  Entrust your precious files to the wrong backup company and you may lose them forever. Your best bet then is opting for online backup providers.

Five reasons why online backup is encouraged

1. Online backup is easier.

Unlike, say, tape backup, online backup is wholly automatic. You need not take backups home, switch tapes, and move files every hour on the hour. Simply decide on how often you want your data backed up in a day and the provider would do the rest.

On the contrary, traditional backup methods take so much of your energy and time. Since online backups are entirely automatic affairs, you can become more productive with work that needs to be done.

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2. More data centers = less risk of data loss

Customarily, online backup providers rely on specially built data centers. These gargantuan repositories of information are located all across the world. What this means for you is negligible risk of data loss due to unstoppable circumstances, such as natural calamities. There simply are many copies of your data, retrievable from anywhere on earth to your system and back.

3. It puts you in charge.

With each backup, you are updated at length, via email, on which files have been changed, removed, or added. Online backup clearly puts you in control.

4. Utmost privacy  

Since online backups are encrypted—making your data accessible only through a password nominated by you—neither your closest loved one, let alone the service provider, can read your data.

5. Easy file restoration

Online backup has made file restoration easier than ever. You can do so by tapping the software or signing in the provider’s network. Either way, you can choose which files you want to recover or restore, anywhere, 24/7.

In recovering or restoring data, you have a choice of many older versions, e.g. yesterday, past week, last month, and beginning of time. You can revert to these versions in any location in your system or network.

Best Online Backup Sites

WPDesigner has pared down the best storage solutions online for your consideration. They have sorted them according to such criteria as ease-of-use, price, server security, reliability, control panel, and customer support. They also rated the providers by their repute and credibility.

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Visit WPDesigner now so you can decide on whom to commend your treasured files and documents.

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  3. After my external hard disk crashed, I decided to find other means of backing up all important files. And you’re right, online backup is the most convenient. It’s also cheaper right? Than buying an external drive and then going kaput after several months. 

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