14 Signs That The World Is Ending – Doomsday Has Already Started!

The end is here
Millions of people around the world believe they won’t be for long in existence. Come December 23, 2012, the apocalypse will take them to kingdom come.

It’s all just a crock of baloney.

Doomsday has already started. It does not mean humankind’s end but rather the transition from the old age to a new one. This upheaval is guaranteed not to be a smooth one. It would be very turbulent, to say nothing of exorbitant.

End-of-the-world signs have already manifested some time ago but contemporary people see them as a series of random events not bound to one chain. In the future, the fact will be as limpid as crystal; future generations will see these events as one pivotal moment in history. They are telltale signs the world is passing from one epoch to the next.

Here are 14 signs the modern world as we know it is ending:

1. Tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes

Over the past months or so, there has been no letup in natural calamities to beset the planet. The weather, for one, is pushing to the extreme. The American Midwest has recently played host to 120 tornadoes. Yet it seems like nature has only begun to unleash its freaky side.

2. Failure of nuclear science

Japan’s Fukushima disaster proved a lot of things but one more so than the others: Scientists could be perilously bigheaded in their designing of large-scale nuclear projects, without taking into account the impregnability of natural forces. Where it once vowed to give a non-carbon energy source, nuclear science has spewed unseen agents of death into the air.

3. Dogged pursuit of Wikileaks

Truth and honesty are indeed growing ever so lonely in an age of omnipresent deceit. People who do speak the truth, as in the team behind Wikileaks, are relentlessly prosecuted as if they were guilty of the most hideous crimes.

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4. Continuing GMO contamination

In probably the worst sign that the end is nigh, genetically modified organisms are laying the planet to waste on a global scale. You could call the creation of these things as a crime against humanity. The damage may never be undone as GMOs can perpetuate its lethal DNA among edible crops around the world, resulting in crop failures and wholesale famines.

5. Silence of the bees

Colony Collapse Disorder is as strong as ever throughout the North American continent. Chemical pesticides, plus the rise of GMOs, are probably to blame but of course, the insecticide industry is not ready to make nice. So continues the fall of the world’s pollinators.

6. Rise of the medical police state

What happened to Maryanne Godboldo in Michigan looks to be the start of a healthcare system that takes to guns to enforce its policies. Armed and dangerous, the medical system can just vaccinate and serve drugs without people’s consent. It has atoned for its uselessness by invoking weapons to force people to get treated.

7. More frequent food shortages and crop failures

Those spikes in food prices will not abate. They could only reach skyscraping figures because of extreme weather, dearth of pollinators, and the GMO-led contamination of crops worldwide. This world is getting short on real food and soon your only recourse would be your garden.

8. Energy companies destroying the world

Energy companies are ravaging the globe. Case in point: BP’s Deepwater Horizon caused a tremendous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a spill so large that satellites could see it. It is not even finished yet. One year to the spill, Corexit is still being sprayed in the Gulf.

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9. Real food being made the enemy

Across America, there is a movement that is barely perceptible to jaded shoppers. The government is cracking down increasingly on sellers of real food from the farm. Even the Amish are not spared. Something truly wicked this way has come before 2012.

10. Counterfeit money circulating

When an economic system moves from failure to out-and-out collapse, the idiotic officials in the government can only mull solutions that speed up the fall. Even though the negative ramifications are manifest to anyone who knows numbers, they still persevere at them. Take for instance the Federal Reserve’s wanton counterfeiting of money. This is a surefire omen that the system that has worked so well in the past has reached its threshold.

11. Disappearing intelligentsia

Just because people are watching BBC or CNN does not speak much about their intelligence. The masses are being dumbed down by what’s currently on TV and resultantly nothing of value to offer to society. As it were, they are mindless drones who believe everything presented to them by the government. When the new age comes, most of them would be nowhere.

12. Fabrication of mainstream news

Nowadays, the news being peddle on mainstream media outlets should be taken with a hefty chunk of rock salt. Did you actually believe most of the coverage on the war in Libya; Barack Obama’s birth certificate; and so on. The conventional media is handing out fiction after fiction, which only truly intelligent persons can discern.

13. Global pharmaceutical pollution

This planet is being poisoned by the residues of pharmaceutical factories. After making products that supposedly extend people’s lives, pharmaceuticals offset whatever benefits these products have by throwing their wastes into waterways. Pharmaceuticals can implement the pollution indirectly too. Since more than half of the world’s inhabitants live on medicines nearly every day, these products are ejected alongside waste out of the body and end up in the H2O supply. Enterprising people then collect this waste and sell it as “organic soil.”

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14. Radioactive contamination of the food supply

Now this one takes the cake. The radioactive fallout from the Fukushima nuclear plant is more widespread than the mainstream media admits. In fact, the world’s food supply is now contaminated with radioactive materials. Radioactive cesium isotopes linger in the food supply for hundreds of years, if you haven’t known already.

Add to radioactive food the radiation you unwittingly get from CT scans, X-rays, TSA body scanners, and hidden mobile X-ray vans. Radiation is affecting the human race, not just the people of Japan.

Practices of a failed civilization

What you just read are the practices of a failing civilization, all created or enacted by the Big Government. When this civilization collapses, all its failed ideas fall with it, fortunately. If there’s one idea that people need to hold on to through the New Age then, it’s one that allows for less government, more freedom.

Always beware not just the government but the private industry though. Those non-profit institutions should even be treated as suspect too. For all you know, they may just be fronts for the world’s most profiteering private companies.

Never let yourself dictated by the despots of any institution. More than anything, be prepared for the quickening end of the world. You are yoked by yourself to live through it intact, healthy, and even more intelligent.

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