Chemotherapy And Radiotherapy Killed Steve Jobs

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Apple co-founder Steve Jobs just orphaned humankind yesterday, just months after undergoing chemotherapy at the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto, California. In the last weeks of his life, he showed up in public as a gaunt replica of himself. Sunken cheeks, scrawny legs, and out-and-out weight loss all indicated his suffering under chemotherapy and its near-omnipresent twin, radiotherapy. Jobs unwittingly hastened his demise by way of these orthodox cancer treatments.

It is no secret that Jobs, a civilization-changing visionary who revolutionized personal computing around the globe, sought chemotherapy like any other mortal. But it was only an open secret that he would jet off to Switzerland from California under the cover of night to seek radiotherapy at the University of Basel. Ex-Apple executive Jerry York himself shared this story to Fortune Magazine.

In publishing this story, Fortune Magazine also highlighted speculations that Steve Jobs secretly underwent a liver transplant, basically on demand. The rumors outraged many less privileged members of society who had to queue for a liver donor.

There is no debate then to the fact that Jobs exhausted all his options in mainstream cancer treatments, like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery. Alas, even Steve Jobs could not flout the ways of biochemistry any more than stars like Farrah Fawcett, Patrick Swayze, and Peter Jennings.

Chemotherapy is tantamount to poisoning the body and eventually leads to the collapse of organ function. Yet countless patients still submit to it every year. Modern society in general still believes in mainstream cancer treatments and pays for it dearly.

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For all his smarts, Steve Jobs apparently only had a modicum of understanding about this simple fact.  The cancer industry virtually spirited his life away when he could have continued changing the world – in ways only he could imagine – well into his 90s. Jobs was 56.

Then again, the medical establishment had no hand in the disease. Steve Jobs’ cells may have gone rogue because of deficiencies in nutrients, exposure to toxins from his environment, or a combination of both.

Some studies seem to point that taking vitamin D and selenium may be the best-performing preventive against cancer. But the American Cancer Society and all the cancer NGOs do not endorse them. After all, making cheap preventives widely accessible to everyone would only take away from the cancer industry’s profitability.

Rotten Apple

Apple, driven by profit more than anything, mirrors the avarice of the cancer industry. This has nothing to do with Steve Jobs but rather the people who milked his cerebral gifts for their own self-seeking gain.

For one, iPhones have been criticized as of late as devices that covertly track your location, information they can easily transmit back to the Apple base. Also, iPhones are notorious for being locked, requiring apps to be bought only through the App Store. To date, there is no iPhone sold unlocked. Consequently, owners have to resort to jail-breaking software to squeeze out of Apple’s imperious control.

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Apple has become the very entity it famously resisted in a TV ad: Big Brother in the George Orwell novel 1984. It is now the despot against whom it claimed to rally, thanks to the ravenous executives that continue to proliferate in Apple.

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Jobs frequently comes off as the altruistic entrepreneur but his ideas for innovation always seem to be embroiled in his company’s drive for profit. This is the same man whom Apple sacked despite him being its co-founder. Unethical corporate interests have easily sidetracked the core values that Jobs envisioned Apple should be upholding.

This serves as a cautionary tale to all bright people, famous or not, to always be on their guard around venture capitalists. Their sole onus in life is to prey on individuals who have big ideas.

In hindsight, Steve Jobs’ greatest legacy extends beyond the gizmos he invented. He passes on to an endless loop of generations the example of remaining faithful to one’s vision. With his technological innovations, Jobs illustrated how persisting with one’s vision far outweighs the ambition to become richer or more lucrative.

Rather than reflect integrity and uprightness, landing the cover of an IT or business publication only shows the person at hand’s viability to the industry. The business community tends to fawn over geniuses who help consumers spend more, not geniuses who share world-changing ideas that come for free. Conspiracy theorists would help you much on this subject; just look up the subject of free energy inventors. Many of them died in mysterious circumstances before one knew their inventions or their plans of them at least.

Not to take away from his gilt-edged intelligence, but Steve Jobs’ products dovetailed with consumerist culture and corporate greed. Investors and businessmen just wanted him to sell more iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks. Steve Jobs is being venerated by these people not for his innate compassion for humankind but for his ability to generate profits for business types.

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Over 12 months or so, the world would embrace the iPhone 5. Old phones are gong to accumulate some more in toxic landfills; factory workers are going to sweat and bleed once again. Steve Jobs has passed on but the officious greed of the people who rode on his coattails has not.

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  1. Cancer does need extra treatment. People who suffer from cancer disease can die if not immediately treated. Traditional treatment was sometimes just to prevent.

  2. springer says:

    You are too kind to Steve Jobs. Apple as imperious, driven totally by profit, mirrors who Steve Jobs was. Apple was totally under his control, and he shaped it as he wishes. The greedy, avaricious, imperious Apple is Steve Job’s legacy to the world.

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