Top 10 Most Inspiring Haircuts Of All Time

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Haircuts are not made just for hygiene, apparently, it has a deeper meaning. People say that a haircut shows your personality. It can also make or ruin your entire look. There is no doubt that every woman wants to look beautiful and hair is one important aspect to look beautiful. A good haircut could also bring out your confidence and inner beauty.

Celebs’ Inspiring Haircuts

We always have our eyes on these public figures. We imitate the way they talk, act, dress, and yes, even their hairstyles. They have been the trendsetter in many areas including hairstyles. Here are some of the most inspiring hairstyles copied by women around the world.

Popular celebrities' hairstyles

The Rachel

Made popular by Jennifer Anniston’s role on the comedy sitcom Friends, this bouncy, squared layered hairstyle was imitated by not less than eleven million woman back then until now making it one of the most popular hairstyles of all time. Despite of its popularity, Jennifer Anniston admitted that she hated the haircut and thinks it is a disaster.


Meg Ryan has been seen in a wide variety of hairstyles through her high profile Hollywood career, but the hairstyle she is best known for is those choppy, peppy shags. These shags appeals to women because of their sophistication with a touch of simplicity.

Sleek Bob

Did you know that Dannii Minougue sets the record for the most amounts of hairstyles you can get out of one bob? Yes you read it right. But what most women were interested into was her sleek bob that shows both sophistication and confidence.

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Royal Do

Complementing her god-like features is a short haircut that reflects her true personality: shy, sweet, romantic, sophisticated and modern. She was coined as the Queen of Style for the generations of women.

Posh Pageboy

Once dubbed as Posh Spice of Spice girls, Victoria Beckham became an icon because of her elegant but sexy Posh Pageboy hairstyle. This has been adopted by many women from different countries. Posh Pageboy was recently modernized by Rihanna giving it a bit more edgy look.

Feathered Flip

Made famous by Farrah Fawcett, this 70’s look is still patronized by women up to date, only giving it a few alterations to make it a little but modern. The feathered flip is done by growing your hair on both sides, normally covering the ears; unlayered, with either side or a center parting then brushed back at the side giving an appearance similar to bird’s feathers.

Classic Cut

The present first lady has not just been a role model on her deeds, but also on her fashion sense and hair styles. The classic cut she is donning gives her confidence, elegance, character and grace.

Blonde Curls

There is no blonde more famous than Marilyn Monroe. The classic bombshell’s hairstyles were an asset the girl knew how to use. No wonder she had set trends throughout her career. She had worn six types of blonde curls, all had complemented greatly with her look and personality.

Pixie Crop

Boyish but gorgeous, this classic hairstyle made famous by Mia Farrow for her role in Rosemary Baby inspired a lot of women to cut inches of their hair but still maintaining a traditional amount of feminine beauty. This hairstyle is best known for showing off the features of your face.

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Layered Locks

Blake Lively’s long, blonde locks have become one of the most requested styles in salons around the world. Lucky for these girls since Blake’s hairstyle is relatively easy to copy when you have a long, straight hair.

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Take good care not just your hair but also your body. A healthy lifestyle requires a lot of maintenance and that includes grooming yourself. Ladies’ hair has been known as their crowning glory for the additional beauty it gives.

By TheHairStyler for Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine

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