Family Dinners – Extinction Of A Family Tradition

Family having dinner
Meals were used to be treated as a “holy ceremony” of families before. Parents of the past see to it that no matter how busy their day was, they should always allot some time to be with their families during meal times.

But unfortunately, the fast-paced evolution of the world has affected this amazing tradition and abolished it. People are more on the go now, have so much to do, they think they are too busy to gather around and eat together with their families and talk about anything. They prefer multitasking, eating while watching the news, eating while surfing the net, eating while reading magazines.

The respect for the food and family was gone, no more thanking God for the blessings He has given, no more telling of stories with your family, no more seeking comfort from family members after a chaotic day. Sad but true, families today are falling apart!

Sharing meals with your family goes beyond the importance of ensuring everyone has food in their stomachs. No, it is not just that. Eating together is not just about feeding everyone physically, but also about augmenting every member emotionally, strengthening family ties, giving comfort to each other, assuring everyone that no one, NO ONE, can harm them when they are HOME.

Family Dinners are Important to Children’s Health

Countless research has done about the importance of family dinners to your kids’ health, and all of them are united in saying that family dinners help kids in many ways.

A healthy lifestyle, in fact, could actually start at mealtimes with your family. Statistics shows that children who eat with adults at least five times a week are physically and emotionally healthier, less likely to use illicit drugs, marijuana, cigarettes or alcohol, do better at school, does not engage in premature sex, and less probability of committing suicide.

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Plus, they talk more with their family, they become more transparent.

How to Organize Family Dinners and Make Mealtime Blissful?

Of course, you have to set a schedule first, especially if you’re busy at work and your kids are busy at school. Set a convenient time for all of you to gather around and eat. This will not be much of a sacrifice anyway since you’re talking about your family. Also, make sure that when it’s mealtime, everyone is focused on their meals, no loud mp3s, blaring TVs, beeping phones, etc.

Second, prepare healthy foods, from appetizers to desserts, since one of the goals of family mealtimes is to promote a healthy lifestyle to your kids. Furthermore, let your kids be involved in the preparation. Ask them to set the table, or perhaps grill the corn cob. Ensure that you are relaxed when you are preparing meals. Food experts say that cook’s frustrations can be transferred to those who will eat the food he prepared.

Talk positive things when you’re eating with your family since the essence of family meals is to give nourishment, support, and comfort, not to give lecture or nag your kids about doing disappointing things. Save that for later. Everyone should be relaxed during meal times since this is what most need after going through a super stressing day. Try sharing funny stories or events that happened to you during that day.

If you do not have time to cook dinner, just order pizza or pick something up from fast foods. It would be alright as long as you don’t do it all the time. Remember that foods from cafes contain so many preservatives and are not healthy. But there are times you can’t help but rely on these fast food chains, that’s alright, but keep it at minimum. This still count as quality time spent together.

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Family is the smallest unit of society. This is where we learn everything first, from good manners to household chores, so let’s make an effort in keeping this intact. Keep in mind that, even if the whole world is against you, there are people who will never turn their backs on you, and this is your family. Follow these tips and see where it takes you.

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  1. Dukan Diet says:

    I like the article! You are so right about the dinners… we the parents should teach our children of a healthy lifestyle.

  2. I think now-days everyone is so indulged in their life that they do not have time for their family also which is the main reason why there is extinction of the tradition of having family dinner together. This post makes us realize what all are we losing in our busy schedule.

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