World’s Scariest Mythical Creatures

Mysterious Creature
Science can be so puny in the face of the planet’s vastness. So many things are beyond the comprehension of scientists, their skepticism a good shroud over human ignorance.

What science could not comprehend, culture makes up for it. Countries around the world each have stories of creatures apparently not of this earth. Whether they are flights of fancy or really flying around your house, they really are to be reckoned with.

Now the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot are no-brainers in these regards. They probably instantly came to mind the moment you read the title. But Nessie and Bigfoot only begin to describe the fat pantheon of mysterious creatures scattered the world over.

What follows is a best-of list mined from cryptozoology, the study of strange beings yet to be accounted for by science. Any of these could give Bigfoot a run for its otherworldly money. Know some of the world’s most terrifying legendary beings:


AswangNormal humans by day and horrifying creatures at night, the Aswang of the Philippines would easily leave Twilight vampires foaming at the mouth. It is a vampire, werewolf, and more all rolled into one, capable of sucking blood, viscera, and worst, unborn babies. A variation of the creature is able to temporarily cut its body into two, its upper half flying off into the night.

An Aswang is fond of corpses as much as live people. The tree hugger that it is, this creature makes sure to carve a replica of its dead victim out of wood. This replica becomes a real person who would grow ill and perish soon.

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BurrunjorThis monster gives credence to those Steven Spielberg movies about dinosaurs. Creature is a dead-ringer for the frightening Tyrannosaurus rex.

Dismissed as a staple in Aboriginal legends, the Burrunjor has been rumored to be very much alive Down Under. From the 1950s-60s, a pack of these creatures have been accused of leaving a trail of dismembered animals, frightening farmers all over the continent.

Australia has many creatures endemic only to itself. So a Burrunjor living and breathing here and nowhere else should make sense.


KikiyaonEaters of human flesh are harrowing enough but a “soul cannibal” is worse. This is the literal translation of the Kikiyaon, a creature unique to the African savannah. Looking like a larger-than-life owl, this fearsome being has humongous talons and teeth which it uses to mutilate unlucky mortals. But the Kikiyaon has more chilling killing methods in store.

This creature’s birdcall alone is believed to be fatal. Anyone who hears this sound, which evokes someone being choked, would die sooner or later. Moreover, the Kikiyaon can slay people in their dreams. Nightmare on Elm Street and Inception both owe one to the Kikiyaon.

Orang Bati

Orang BatiIn the uncharted depths of Indonesia’s virgin forests, you may come across the Orang Bati. That does not mean you would live to tell the tale. If you don’t come for them, they would come for you. Late at night, these bat-winged, apelike fiends would emerge from their forest hideouts and hunt for kids.

Nearby, in Papua New Guinea, people fear a similar creature called the Ropen, literally a “flying demon.”

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Pope Lick Monster

Pope Lick MonsterFolks in Louisville, Kentucky may live in fear of the Pope Lick Creek’s namesake monster. The Pope Lick Monster looks like a cross between a human and goat, probably because it is the child of a horndog of a farmer and his favorite goat. This walking cautionary tale against interspecies breeding has its father’s body – for the most part. It has horns and legs like its mom.

This monster either hypnotizes its victims or imitates the voices of their nearest and dearest to draw them to its lair: a railroad trestle tens of feet above the creek. The victim dies by getting hit by a train or plummeting to his or her death. If not, the Pope Lick Monster has a huge axe on hand to finish the job. This monster is not one to be patient.


ChupacabraThis scary critter gets points for being very ubiquitous. Sightings of the creature crisscross the American Southwest down towards Latin America. There have been all sorts of description for the Chupacabra but this much is certain: It is a goatsucker.

That should play out like a showdown between the Chupacabra and the Pope Lick Monster. But the Chupacabra’s diet is not exclusive to goats for the creature is also fond of pigs and poultry. At worst, the Chupacabra has broken into houses and harassed children.

Moral of the stories on Pope Lick and Chupacabra: Do not have anything to do with goats.


TarasqueIn Gallic legend, the Tarasque is a dragon with bear’s claws and a poison-tipped tail. It supposedly dwells in a lake in southern France and rises from it on occasion to prey on virgins.

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Legend further has it that St. Martha tempered the creature with religious music. Attracted to the music, the Tarasque eventually crawled inland where it was killed by mere men. Every year since, many French people have celebrated the Tarasque’s death.

Not so fast: Another Tarasque has been sighted in Halong Bay in Vietnam. If only St. Martha were alive…


ThunderbirdsNow these are fantastic creatures reported since antiquity. Believed to be as large as planes, thunderbirds are quite the jetsetters, sighted everywhere from Alaska to Pennsylvania.

According to Native Americans, thunderbirds would spirit away deer and humans to their mountaintop nests, where they would be devoured.

Have you heard stories about these scary creatures? Or have other creature stories to share? Do tell.

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