September 11, 2001 – Is It Worth Remembering?

September 11, 2001 tragedy
There are things in life that you wish you have control of. Disasters would be a good example. You will always hear people say during these times “If only I could do something”, knowing that there is nothing to be done. It is as if the Lord has asked for it, planned it; used His resources to make these things happen.

Ten years ago, September 11, 2001, a tragedy that changed the world had happened. There was a simultaneous four-series suicide attacks occurred in New York and Washington D.C. A total number of two thousand nine hundred ninety six have died, their families grieving, crying their hearts out for their unfortunate relative. Just the thought of it brings shiver and fear in mind.

Ten years after, September 11, 2011, people are still haunted by this shaking event. There is a ceremonial being held in ground zero for the people died, a tribute perhaps. But is this tragic event worth remembering? Does remembering re-traumatize or strengthen our resilience?

There is a saying that to memorialize is the most natural of human traditions besides being the most special. But does this include the unfortunate events that happened? Maybe. Relatives of dead family members for example, will always put space here on Earth for their lost loved one. That’s why we have cemeteries or altars or crosses you see on the side of the road. These are their ways of saying that they love and respect them and will forever remember them.

September 11 MonumentIn fact, there was a monument created for the lives that have lost in 9/11. It gives not just emotional impact but also educational impact for those who have gone there. It shows that even a great tragedy has happened, we can always learn from it.

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But not all people are strong enough to remember. There may be some who use these memorials as a healthy, healing role. They cry for a while then realize that it is just a part of the cycle of life so they move on. But moving on does not mean they don’t love their lost love one anymore, it just means that life will be consistently accompanied by death. Some cannot take this. They have trouble in coping, so memorials and death anniversaries will just add to the pain they’re carrying. These kinds of people would need their family’s support more than ever.

So is 9/11 worth remembering? People may have different answers to this question. There are actually a lot of things that 9/11 reflects. The event emulates not just a terrible event but also bravery and camaraderie of people. Do not forget that a lot of ordinary people had turned “heroes” ten years ago. People rescuing strangers, people praying for the lives of strangers, people showing nationalism. Apparently, the families of the people who died on 9/11 and rescue workers say that they do not want that day forgotten. For them anniversaries and memorials about the tragedy is good because if there is none, it would mean that the lives of their lost family member were not worthy and meaningless. They say their relatives deserve a mark in this world, for their lives are the reason why people have become “heroes”, nationalistic, from that time until now.

Most have healed, but some still grieves. May be confront the reminders without being overwhelmed and set them aside without feeling guilty is something that is hard to learn for those who are still grieving. Their living families should always be on their side, remind them that the present is more important than the past and life must go on. Assure them that there will always be a rainbow after a rain.

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8 Responses

  1. vicky.nelson says:

    This event changed our lives and the rest of the world. It happened so fast and before we can even think of a way to stop it. Everything else started to fall apart. I will remember September 11 forever.

  2. milly says:

    It is still good to know that people still remembers the 9-11 tragedy. This was the craziest day of my life. It was not good to be there and seeing all the horrible actions going on and not able to help anyone inside that building. I will always include in my prayers the people who were trapped in this unforgettable event.

  3. Brianstark says:

    Everything happened in a day we are not expecting it. It was a beautiful day in NY before this attack. I always find time to go there and pay my respect to all the people who got caught with this grueling attack.

  4. jonasb says:

    I lost some of my close friends too on 9/11 tragedy, until now I can’t describe the feeling of being scared. It was the best day but suddenly the building was attacked and collapsed. and turned that day into the worst nightmare of every American. I hope everybody can move on.

  5. jonasb says:

    Let’s reminisce and remember our love ones who died on the 9-11 tragedy. Hope that they are already at peace now and will guide us wherever they are now. It’s been a year now and still the memories lives on.

  6. yushi1905 says:

    I am one of the kinds of person that needs to forget in order to move on. So each time I broke up with a boyfriend I will apply no-contact rule for myself until I forget about them. That’s the fastest way for me to heal my broken heart. I guess that can’t apply to the death of your loved ones. Because broke up often involved arguments and we have enough time to hate that person before breaking up while 911 tragedy is the loss loved ones all of sudden.

  7. pasta says:

    Time will heal. This can’t be done in a day or a month but the memories will make us to appreciate life more than ever. The person that appears in front of us now, might be gone then. So it’s better to act now than never.

  8. jessicasethman says:

    It’s better to be loved and loss rather than never been in love before. To all the families and friends of 911 victims, I guess you will know that your loved ones will not like to see you suffer because of them if they are still in this world. I believe that they want you to live yours to the fullest happily because at least that’s what you can do for them when they can’t do it themselves.

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