Warm Up Training Moves For Proper Form Of Running

Proper Running Technique
By Fitium for Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine

You think you know how to run ever since you made your first quavering attempts at it centuries ago. For all you know, you may be running as if you weigh 299 pounds. When you were just beginning to run as a child, you were undergoing trial by error. The way you run since has worked for you but it may not be the proper form.

Unless you are good at cross-country or do marathons professionally, you should be very particular about form in running. You need to be conscious about how you carry your weight, let alone the sound you are making whenever you land your feet. If you keep landing with a thud, your knees would get a beating and soon you can’t run anymore. You should “roll your foot” when you run.

To run with proper form, here are five training moves, to be used as a warm-up. They make for a good workout in themselves too.

1. Do short steps on the balls of your feet in quick succession, akin to football players shuffling through a tire obstacle course but with shorter strides. Remember to keep your legs together and your chopping arms close to your body.

2. With this movement, bring your knees up to the chest after each step.

3. Try some skip-jumping. Keep straight the leg you are using to jump and bring your other knee up to your chest. Simultaneously, chop the opposite arm – bent 90 degrees – upwards with the same speed you raised your knee.

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4. Then leap forward. With every forward motion, shift the direction of your stride from left-right. You must be aiming to leap from your toes in one direction and raising a knee to your chest all at once, before landing on your toes. Repeat this motion by switching direction from right to left.

5. Do some butt-kicking, literally. Bend your knee behind you.

Begin by performing each of these moves in your place for 30 counts. Repeat each move thrice. Once you’ve grown familiar with these routines, you can move yards away from your place with them.

By Fitium for Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine

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6 Responses

  1. dorothystvn says:

    I am going to start running to get fit. I really don’t know any proper warm-up aside from the usual ones. This post will help me jump-start my training. Your website will be my favorite as it will be my guide on a healthy living.

  2. jonasb says:

    Running is still the best exercise and can make our cardio full of energy. Following these steps will make you run properly and can make you full of energy throughout the day.

  3. jonasb says:

    Everybody needs a warm up before making themselves busy running. Stretching can avoid individual from experiencing pains on the lower part of the body. lets get warmed up and start running to become fit and full of energy.

  4. yushi1905 says:

    I guess the easiest and the cheapest choice to work out is through running. It is also the best cardio work out so far. I normally go for a jog without a warm up until my friend joined me for a jog and I followed his way. I feel that warmed up jogging session can make me enjoy it longer and breathe better.

  5. pasta says:

    I tried one of your suggestions before continuing with my running session. I did some skip jumping, I think this is a good way to start my work out because I really enjoy doing it.

  6. jessicasethman says:

    Can all do all 5 steps before my jogging session? I hope that it is not making me too tired for my run.

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