Chemotherapy – Killer Cancer Treatment

Fancy a perfectly picturesque mansion, with all the amenities in the world – except that rats and mice scurry through it every now and then. You think the rodent exterminators would solve the owner’s problem but they tell her they could not target the rodents. These critters are just too elusive. The exterminators pose only one solution: blow part of the house up. They would not do it all at once though, they comfort the owner.

Doctors who prescribe chemotherapy to treat cancer follow pretty much the same logic. In the same way the exterminators could not target the rats and resort to bombing, some doctors couldn’t target the cancer cells and destroy a part of your house, i.e. body. Consequently, chemotherapy patients find their hair falling out; their immunity compromised; and weight shed. While at it, they vomit a lot too.

Chemotherapy essentially bombs your body in a bid to wipe out the malignant cells therein. Unfortunately, oncologists are loath to publicly admit that chemotherapy is a shortsighted, if not lethal, treatment for cancer.

Chemotherapy has been hoped to kill cancer but sadly, it also renders half your body dead. It puts you through months of needless suffering and excruciating pain. The dramatic nausea and weight loss during chemotherapy indicate immense destruction taking place in your body.

In chemotherapy, you are made to take cytotoxic drugs, i.e. those that obliterate “extremely active” cells. By “extremely active,” chemotherapy means not just cancer cells but also perfectly healthy ones, such as those in the hair and the immune system.

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Because chemotherapy embroils healthy cells aside from cancerous ones, its side effects are plenty: hair loss, severe weight reduction, immune deficiency, and pneumonia to name a few. Chemotherapy can push your white blood cell count to precariously low levels because it uses immunosuppressive drugs. It also sets off nausea, the kind so severe it warrants antiemetic medicines.

Some patients turn “half-dead” after undergoing chemotherapy – to think cancer is leaving them with few years already. But the agony does not stop there. In addition to chemotherapy, cancer therapy also covers radiation and surgery, which are life-threatening by themselves.

Treating cancer usually requires lopping off the compromised organ, bombarding the body with chemotherapy and then harming it some more with radiation. Most people don’t know how fatal the latter can be. Radiation therapy aka radiotherapy may in fact be more perilous than chemotherapy in view of its capability to burn the skin and make bones brittle. Surgery or biopsy is not any better; more than hamper cancer, it may spread the disease faster. It has a high potential of spreading certain types of cancer, such as that of the prostate. Some studies show that prostatectomy undermines sexual potency and urination reflexes.

Cancer patients make do with this three-tiered approach to treating cancer, even though its disadvantages far eclipse its benefits. There are barely two kinds of cancer that respond well to mainstream methods of cancer treatment: testicular cancer and breast cancer.

Yet a paradigm shift is in the offing as medical researchers discover that breast cancer is comprised of a trio of diseases, instead of one. This means breast cancer could be the fastest-spreading cancer there is. Other types of cancer are relatively slower-growing or better yet, may not be lethal at all. In hindsight, doctors should not prescribe the three-fold cancer therapy to all kinds of cancer.

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Radiation treatment can be done away a little by using hyperthermia. This procedure downsizes tumors, significantly reducing the need for radiation. As a result, patients who undergo hyperthermia report less immunity problems and better health.

Before a prostatectomy, experts recommend hormonal blockers like Fludamide and Lupron to promote cancer downsizing. Taking them may just bottle up the cancer for some years. Since prostate cancer is largely slow-spreading, patients who come down with it should do well to prioritize less unsafe kinds of cancer therapy.

Granted, mainstream cancer treatment is futile and injurious in general, but what is a better solution?

Ukrain seems to be the most promising alternative way of treating cancer. It is synthesized using compounds from the anti-cancer drug Thiotepa and the alkaloids of the greater celandine plant. In contrast to chemotherapy meds, Ukrain only goes for the malignant cells rather than embroil perfectly normal ones. This anti-cancer medicine has been groomed to attain the same outcome as chemotherapy but sans the adverse effects.

Obviously you should talk to a medical professional, especially a naturopath, before embarking on any type of cancer treatment plan. Moreover, consider all alternative cancer treatments first before surrendering all to chemotherapy.

Never forget the merits of nutritious food like fresh fruits and vegetables; vitamin and mineral supplements; and herbal medicines. You do not need to look twice into clinical studies to realize their enormous worth.

Don’t jump to concluding that a patient who leans to alternative cancer therapy instead of conventional treatments is effectively committing suicide. Over and over again, medical treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy have succeeded at proving nothing but their danger and ineffectiveness. Even cancer specialists would not touch their own prescriptions. Scores of people have outlived cancer without submitting to orthodox cancer therapies. Until proof once and for all vindicates surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, you should have reason to doubt them.

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If anything, be sure about your cancer diagnosis. A great number of patients undergo dangerous cancer treatments like chemotherapy and get their body parts slashed when their diagnoses are false in the first place.

Cancer specialists have a huge burden to unload today: public admission that chemotherapy’s usefulness is as low as its danger is high. Doing so would start a global people’s revolution toward alternative methods of treating cancer, nontoxic ways of preventing it, as well as adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Yet clearly this is not what is happening now. The top line of the medical hierarchy continues to advocate the prescription of chemotherapy drugs even when they themselves know these products’ threat and uselessness. Doctors and scientists see alternative cancer medicines as an affront to their all-knowingness and hard-won years of study.

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9 Responses

  1. dcngo1 says:

    a really compelling argument for alternative treatments. i’ve always thought that chemotherapy might be causing more harm than good, especially when i saw how much pain and suffering it caused my friends and family members who had to go through it. there’s always a better way.

  2. taraburm says:

    Chemotherapy does work but anyone undergoing it will have sorts of uncomfortable situations. I hope they will find a better cure for cancer. It is really sad that we can’t see it coming nor cure it right away with just a pill.

  3. nat.maritha says:

    I have seen my mother went through a lot of pain while on chemotherapy. I am happy she is doing better now. I don’t want to see anyone from my family undergo the same pain she did.

  4. vince11 says:

    Treating Cancer can still make a person sick. Nonetheless, it can still help to cure them. I just wish they can invent a cure to totally take the cancer out, so the patient don’t need to undergo such horrible treatments.

  5. jonasb says:

    Funny thing about this kind of medication, it really makes your body sick. But once you survive, will definitely be a cancer free person. I think, every individual who got cancer should add a prayer while on their therapy.

  6. jonasb says:

    Cancer cells has been electrocuted during the Chemotherapy. Though it can be dangerous to our health, we take chances of survival using this kind of treatment.

  7. yushi1905 says:

    Isn’t it chemotherapy is the last resolution if nothing else works for the patients? It sounds like it is too much to take for the patients who are too weak for it. Why don’t they give that when the patient is still strong to take it?

  8. Mygreenlily says:

    I salute the author of this article. This has uncovered the many truths about the danger of chemotherapy . People should read this to learn the danger and ineffectiveness of this very costly procedure. It has been proven over and over again that it kills the cancer patient all the more.. Indeed the prescription of the chemotherapy procedure and drugs should rather be banned. This is a very useful article. I’d share this to my friend. Thanks!

  9. tracyjacks says:

    I am glad to read there are new alternatives to chemotherapy that actually work while respecting your body, because I have lost some members of my family because of cancer and they had to go through this treatment too. Some of them were not even 40 years old.

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