Keeping Out Of Back To School Sickness

Kids with dirty hands and germs
This fall, classes are set to launch with a slew of illnesses threatening to cut short every student’s schooldays.

Schoolchildren in particular come down with illnesses easily because of their budding immune systems. That little kids often have poor hygiene, i.e. do not wash their hands; pick their noses frequently; and share toys, only compounds the problem. It does not help that they are exposed to other kids who have the same bad habits. Infected children carry these ailments home and subsequently pass them to the entire household.

If you want yourself and your kids to start the new academic year without a runny nose, sneezing or an itch in the throat, promise yourself to follow these tips:

Eat well

A nutritious diet is part and parcel of a near-invincible immune system. However, healthy meals can be elusive back in school, when you’re highly likely to eat on the go or patronize fastfood and frozen meals. No matter how busy you get, always plan meals dense with nutrients. They may necessitate a longer time in the kitchen but your body would be all the better for them. Remember to strew fruits and vegetables liberally around your meals to get antioxidants in addition to more energy.

Children require a nutritious diet not just for energy but also for growth and development. This means reduced intake of food with refined sugars and synthesized ingredients. Numerable researches have shown that a healthy diet can decrease ADHD symptoms, improve concentration and reduce hyperactivity in schoolchildren.

For maximum immunity, heaps of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, and zinc are in order. You can get some of these in garlic, also known as one of the most effective natural immunity boosters and antibiotics. You may get prodigious amounts of zinc from peanuts, legumes and dark meat. For added protection against viruses, consume herbs like echinacea.

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Not alcohol but water, juices and fruit extracts. Oranges and other citrus fruits or vitamin C supplements are helpful for preventing and treating colds. Ginger root teas are quite efficacious in facilitating digestion and bowel movement.

Lessen stress

Prolonged stress can everlastingly damage your physical and mental health. Stress of any duration, on the other hand, is long-acknowledged to compromise immunity. There are several ways you can allow yourself a reprieve from stress and one of these is doing the following.

Move that body

You should know that exercise hastens the speed at which your body eliminates waste materials and consequently, germs and bacteria. Sweating in itself helps detoxify the body. If you take a brisk walk half an hour or for 10 minutes thrice a day, you would boost your immune system, drop excess weight, and improve your overall health.

Children also benefit from exercise in several ways, such as curbing their risk for obesity later in life. For this and other reasons, exercise is indispensable at any age.

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14 Responses

  1. dcngo1 says:

    I’m loving this series of articles! It’s like having a friend, sympathizing and empathizing with me, reminding me of what needs to be done to have a peaceful and organized yearly ordeal, er I mean adventure, as parents.

  2. glennstein says:

    These are great tips! I am a single parent and everything is hard to manage when you’re the only one taking care of everything. Keeping this tips will help me a lot.

  3. jonasb says:

    These tips will surely help to make one’s immune system healthy. It’s not a joke to have a sick body and can’t do anything at all. But having a good healthy body can make you do all the things that you want without feeling any signs of weakness.

  4. jonasb says:

    It’s not about the kids, it’a also about moms and others that wakes up early in the morning and prepares everything for school. All of them are wishing that it should be weekend again.

  5. detteclements says:

    I make sure to pack healthy meals for my kids. I went healthy living after knowing all the bad things in a fastfood or frozen meals. It doesn’t help you and will affect your health too.

  6. ryenwil says:

    Wow thanks for putting up this list! I will share this with my wife so we can be together in making sure nothing bad will happen to our family. Prevention is better than cure.

  7. kyle2k says:

    I love articles that talk about things or provide tips that will make you better and healthier. These are all useful tips. They are not hard to do and anyone can do it.

  8. yushi1905 says:

    Somehow I feel Back to School Sickness is more to psychology rather than just physical thing.

  9. pasta says:

    As a kid, I rarely get sick so I just don’t understand why kids nowadays got sick that easy. I guess it’s because of they don’t spending time running around like us. All they do are just playing with their computer whole day at home.

  10. jessicasethman says:

    Well, that’s because parents like them to be at home and less worry about them getting kidnap or anything else. If that’s the worry maybe parents should spend their own time bring these kids out during weekends.

  11. idcardsunlimited says:

    Great Post.

  12. Alana_Brisbane says:

    I agree with jessicasethman. I know a lot of parents who do not allow their parents to go out because of the crime cases. They’d want their kids to stay at home, play computer instead of going out, some even use Custom Mouse Pads to lure their kids to stay in front of the computer… Personally, I was brought up the same way, but it was a good thing that I still do home exercises when I was a kid.

  13. Kids should be allowed to run around the park, get dirty in the sandbox, play with pets and so on to build up their immunity. The more you protect them, the more they’ll be susceptible to common ailments like colds. And we’re only kids for a few years in our life, right? So we must make the most out of it. Play like there’s no tomorrow!

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