Irritating Chick Shows And Why You Should Watch Them

The Bachelor
Talk about double standards: You can watch your gruesome crime shows and sports events but you can’t watch your girlfriend’s favorites. Here is a rundown of shows us girls are likely to watch (and why you should give in a little and sit them through):

ABC Family shows

This channel seems to be littered with shows aimed at sexualizing teenagers and tweens alike. Pretty Little Liars is one in a few but other networks’ offerings like Gossip Girl and 90210 would fit right in.

For these superior pieces of entertainment, guzzle some beer and just pretend to be involved with the plot: ask questions, etc. Or stop fooling us and go watch smut or something.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

While you may find the young Kardashians visually arresting, this show may not be manly enough to glue you to your seats for more than 15 minutes. But sit through long enough and you may just LOL along with your girl to gems of wisdom, spoken in high pitch, by these celebutantes. If this still does not persuade you to watch, just treat the show as a study of the American propensity for becoming popular by accomplishing nothing besides sex tapes.

Real Housewives

Don’t worry. We won’t end up like the conceited, ego-stroking, media whores on this show. We would both have a high getting annoyed by this.

Sex and the City

It has been years since Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte recounted their Gotham sexcapades but their series is still up and running in many channels. This classic chick show is also available on DVD, on top of the movies it has extended to. In other words, you can’t escape the hen parties attendant on this undying show.

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But this show is not as irksome as you would expect. It may even give you life-changing insights into bedding women. Just learn to stomach the unabashed fashion-speak and the girly puns; you’d be educated on the rationale behind fake orgasms, women’s attraction to douches, etc.

Teen Mom

A spinoff of 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom obviously revolves around preggy ladies in high school. The premise may make you puke but stay for the hilarious banters, inane arrests, and seriously dense characters. If anything, you can take tips from the teen moms and dad on how to be the worst parents in the world.

The Bachelor

It may be insecurity on your part to refuse watching an oh-so-perfect guy with ripped abs and hairless chest be the object of desire of 30 women. As you may know, The Bachelor is all about pruning that list to propose to the most bodacious, loveliest lady in the land. He chucks the contestants one by one in a laughable ritual known as the Rose Ceremony.

In this two-month journey to find love, some of the contenders reveal themselves as calculating vixens who like to get wasted in uptight parties. Sooner or later the press unearths their vicious pasts, like covert hookups with NBA athletes and other attention-getting antics. Indeed, The Bachelor’s ironies make for great TV and good laughs with your sweetheart.

The Bachelorette

This show may be even harder for you to watch as the ratio of males to females tip in our favor. How to watch it anyway? Play a drinking game. Have a shot every time words like “amazing” are uttered. Drink faster if the lines verge on cheesiness.

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4 Responses

  1. jonasb says:

    I don’t but It really true that women’s like is different from men. That is why sometimes they fight because of a television or a movie. Why they just sit and watch what men wants and next watch what women wants.

    It’s just a matter of give and take. It’s just a men and women relationship.

  2. yushi1905 says:

    I still feel bad girls are sexy and attract more men. I got jealous sometimes because I don’t get boyfriend this easy no matter how good I make my look.

    • IXRufus says:

      @yushi1905 I would say for me that a girl that is honest with her self and confident in her own abilities is very sexy. Um also having good looks helps but if the girls personality are well not so great than I think it not so great to have a relationship with them other than friends. Also its about how you portrait yourself as a person sometimes and some guys might like a girl but may be too shy to ask her out or get to know her. I don’t know where I’m going with this.

  3. pasta says:

    Do you mean Paris Hilton? I actually love watching her television shows because she’s really pretty. I watch America’s Top Model where all the girls have to stay together and some are really annoying and irritating but I find myself still watching them anyway.

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