10 Most Common Dreams And Their Meanings

dream about being chased

Everybody undergoes a dream state during slumber. But many are at a loss to account for their dreams.

Dreams could reveal something you are subconsciously or unwittingly doing in your waking days. Here is the experts’ take on a few of the most common dreams and what they could possibly mean.


dream about celebritiesDreams about celebrities can be something you don’t want to wake up from.

By and large, every celebrity has a message to convey related to accomplishing things. Therefore, if you are dreaming about a celebrity, you may be yearning for a success-endearing trait tied to that celebrity, such as empowerment, cunningness, or health.


dream about deathDreaming about death means you are at the threshold of a period of uncertainty. Either you have come from or just beginning to experience a pivotal event.

Psychotherapists think that death is a symbol for the end of something, e.g. a relationship or work. Dreaming about death does not mean the person would perish in real life.

Dreams are often intended for you to learn something about yourself that the others and even you don’t know. “Bad dreams” like death give you an opportunity for introspection. They help you determine whether you are completely at peace with the end of something or not. You can take things from there.


dream about fallingEssentially everybody has dreamt about falling or experienced the feeling of doing so while asleep. This kind of dream frequently occurs a little after you go to sleep, although you can dream of this anytime during slumber.

Unlike many dreams in this list, falling could be physiological in nature. When you sleep, the heart rate descends, blood pressure drops, and the nervous system calms down. As a result, these physiological changes may lead to a dream situation wherein you experience a sensation of plummeting.

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In psychoanalytic terms, falling could represent a situation in your life of which you are losing control. Use your waking hours facing your fears and sorting out this situation.

Falling teeth

dream about falling teethYoung and old alike have dreamed of teeth falling out. Like many in this list, this dream chooses no demographic.

Before anything, determine whether the tooth in the dream is yours or another person’s. If it is yours, it could mean your ability to eat is being compromised. On a deeper level, this may mean your ability to be alive is being undermined, hence impending disease. If the tooth is someone else’s, you may have an issue awaiting resolution with him or her.

Looking for something or being lost

dream about being lostThis dream suggests anxiety over adjusting to a new situation in your life.

It could be an expression of your apprehensions regarding, say, a new job, wherein you think your abilities are not up to par, or a new place where you have to make a new social circle.


dream about pregnancyDream analyzers reckon this kind of dream to be a sign of a very creative period of your life. If you dream of being pregnant, you must be yearning for a chance to be more creative. You may be conceiving a brainchild that would eventually be birthed into existence.

A fetus, in psychoanalysis, tips off a personal desire or mission you have yet to own up to. Those who have refused to acknowledge it often dream of pregnancies.

Dreaming about being pregnant is very usual for women, by default. If you need to stop recurring dreams of pregnancy, concentrate on things you have sired or fulfilled already. Then rear them from hereon.

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Running away from someone

dream about being chasedNow this is one everyone can relate to. Being chased is one of the human species’ most ubiquitous dream situations. At some point in your life, you are bound to have dreamt of being chased.

In analyzing a dream of being chased, it is important to put it into context, i.e. identify the one chasing you. All in all, dreaming of being chased is your unconsciousness’ way of telling you that you are evading a person or issue. Or it could be that you are turning away from certain emotions. In any case, you are avoiding something unpleasant.

Being chased may be the jolt you badly need to stop avoiding an issue, lest you want this dream to recur.


dream about spidersDreams of spiders, which affect both males and females, young and old, mean deceit and manipulation because of the webs they weave. If you dream about spiders, either you are being manipulated or you are the manipulator.

Dreaming of spiders is an opportunity for you to take stock of your life, i.e. if you are being manipulated by someone. If yes, identify ways how to get yourself out of this web of lies and deceit. Better yet, avoid falling into one. Otherwise, if you’re the manipulative one, it’s time to change ways.


dream about drowningDreams of water may arise just because you spent a lot of time around a body of water, e.g. a sea or river. Otherwise, they represent an ongoing flux in life.

Water symbolizes purification and new life. A dream about it can be interpreted in many ways, depending on its context. If a person is pouring it for other people, water likely means purification or changes in your life. But if the water is represented by torrential rains or storm, it may symbolize changes too overwhelming for you to handle.

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Psychologists offer another explanation. A dream wherein you are being submerged in water may just be the effect of the brain translating a shift in the sleeping cycle.


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  1. dcngo1 says:

    first i want to say that the pictures you used for this article are really cool. the “falling teeth” one is very vampire-y, hehe.

    i think dreaming is your mind (and body) trying to tell you something that you either don’t or won’t hear about yourself when you’re awake. it’s good to be connected to one’s psyche, and as you wrote here, “bad dreams like death give you an opportunity for introspection.” nice one!

  2. jonasb says:

    I often dream of the falling teeth and being chase with something. It scares the hell out of me. I’m glad that everything was just a dream. Sometimes, I dreamed of a story where I don’t want to wake up anymore. But still if I were to choose, better not have a dream during my sleep. I want it when i’m awake.

  3. emedoutlet says:

    I often dream about running away from someone in a nude condition. It is very true that I am running away from something unpleasant… Sometimes I also dream about looking for someone being lost and that is also right sign of anxiety.

    Thanks for such interesting post.

  4. Buy Stromectol says:

    Great information. I think dreaming is all about what thoughts you have in your mind before sleeping.

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