Pruritus Ani – The Answer To Anal Itching

anal itching

Is sleeping at night impossible because of anal itching? This is such a humiliating fact. This condition involves the urge to scratch the anal area. The itching is often severe at night.  Sharing the problem to others can be an embarrassment. Anal itching is popularly known as “pruritus ani”. Discomfort may be experienced due to the burning, itching, irritation, dryness and stinging feeling of the anal area.

Anal itch can be experienced by all. The doctor will ask detailed information about your health history and symptoms regarding the itch. In order to rule out the cause, doctors recommend further laboratory examinations and conventional regimen. You must be honest to express your condition for a successful and appropriate treatment.

The Cause of Anal Itching

Anal itch is caused by different factors. This includes Candidiasis, stress, fungal infection, STD (sexually transmitted disease), parasites, pregnancy, food that can cause irritation such as spices, diarrhea, skin diseases like psoriasis, dry skin, chemical irritants, over washing of the anus, and underlying symptom for liver disease.

Chronic anal itch is caused by yeast infection and food intake. The fungal infection Candidiasis is likely to grow in moist areas of the body especially in the anus. Scratching the infected area allows the skin to be irritated causing more fungus to grow. Always keep your anus dry and change underwear often. Avoid food which contains spices because it aggravates the risk of itching.

Anal Itch during Pregnancy

Most pregnant women complain about anal itching. This is due to the development of hemorrhoids during the third trimester. This means that veins in the anal area are inflamed or swollen. Hemorrhoids can develop inside or outside the anus. Pregnant women who develop hemorrhoids are the ones who experience constipation. This condition happens because of pressure in the veins during bowel movements. Warm sitz bath and cold compression are ways to relieve the pain and itching in the anal area.

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Children with Anal Itching

Anal itch in children is normal. This is due to poor hygiene, parasites such as pinworm or excessive perspiration. Pinworms grow in the intestines. It usually develops up to 2 cm long. It is contagious through the fingernails of the infected child. Most school aged children are prone to containing pinworms because they play on dirt and often neglect to wash their hands while sucking their thumb. Signs and symptoms of pinworms in children include urge to scratch their anal area, excessive movements during sleep, and visible worms in the stool. In order to prevent contamination, proper hygiene must be implemented along with regular washing of beddings and clothes and cutting of fingernails short.

Natural Treatment for Anal Itch

A variety of methods is available for anal itch treatment. Promote a healthy lifestyle by balancing all aspects of life.

  • Using of oatmeal during bath can minimize irritation from the infected skin. Oatmeal is known to have a soothing effect.
  • Cure can be done by applying aloe vera and olive oil to the affected area.
  • Make sure to keep the anal area dry. Clean it with soft tissue wipes or wash it with water and pat dry.
  • Increase fiber intake to prevent constipation. Constipation usually causes anal itching and hemorrhoids.
  • Use mild detergents to wash undergarments. Harmful chemicals from soaps irritates anal itch.

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