Things Not All Women Care About

By Miss T for Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine

hate roses

You men tend to build and perpetuate so many misconceptions about us women. Not a few of them are downright sexist. Listed here are just some of the things you think we care about but don’t:


crying babyWe are undisputedly your baby factories. Perhaps owing more to personal likes than default instinct, we fuss over babies every now and then. Men do too.

But nativities are really not the priorities of many women nowadays. Babies are noisy, expensive, and risky to our hard-won figures.


diamond ringOnly Marilyn Monroe should have the guts to say they are a girl’s best friend. In this day and age, buying us diamonds is in bad taste and un-PC. Don’t say we’re not updated on what’s happening in African diamond mines.

Diamonds are just rocks that happened to be lustrous and rare. Believe us, a huge faction of us do not give a shed about them.

Washboard abs

washboard absWe get a certain tingle whenever we look at guys with six-pack abs. Yet we also get curious about the grueling gym hours; painful waxing sessions; and sickeningly droning diet they require. Before long we’re feeling sorry, rather than turned on, for these guys.

Surely a good-bodied stud feels great in your arms. But most women learn to be content with men whose torsos don’t look the same as Taylor Lautner.

Having a giant junk

big penisHere’s good news to you with average-sized dicks:

A huge appendage is overrated!

If anything, it tends to intimidate us and threatens to make our internal organs squirm.

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Lasting hours in bed

couple in bedWe love earth-shattering, time-warping coitus as much as you.

But sometimes we’ve had too long a day to oblige an all-nighter. Get off as reasonably fast as you can this Tuesday. Better yet, get us off before you do. We’d have all weekends to ourselves.

Rich guy

rich guySometimes money can buy our love, especially if we’ve always wanted that around-the-world trip or pricey designer dress. But even the most compulsive Material Girls eschew fat money clips for the real hot stuff. J. Lo explored this ambivalence at length in “Love Don’t Cost A Thing.”

By hot stuff, we don’t necessarily mean your looks. You just have to show a zeal for what you do or get to keep a decent job at least.

Romantic comedies

romanticWe could write better screenplays than the dialogues they throw at us in romantic comedies.

Most romcoms today are just out-and-out daft. Granted, we may prefer that romantic-comedic chick flick to a rerun of Rambo.

Then again, if you expect us to be unanimously giddy from watching any Meg Ryan movie, then you’re wrong.


grave decorationsJust because the rose is a running symbol of true love in TV ads doesn’t mean we have to like it.

Yes, it is beautiful but they die in a short while, reminding us too much of mortality, male or female. Of course a girl is not going to die should she receive roses for the first time. She just faints. As the years progress however, a rose shows itself for what it really is: prosaic and odorless.

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It smells of funeral parlors too.


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By Miss T for Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine

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3 Responses

  1. jonasb says:

    I never thought that women feel that way. After reading this, I should learn more from women from now on. They are more liberated now and knows what they really want. They just know. So men out there, better know what they really want before offering anything on them. beware or be square.

  2. emedoutlet says:

    This is kind of surprising post. Shocked about women not liking babies, diamonds, flowers, etc… All the men have to take these things into consideration before getting closer to women.

  3. Mariah Care says:

    There is no other good things than having a clear glowing skin. Having a nice skin is a pride, it makes women even more beautiful, more attractive, and being attractive could boost confidence.

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