6 Most Common Rip-offs And How To Avoid Them

Avoid rip-offs
With or without sentido comon, somebody somewhere is bound to be taken in by consumer rip-offs. You do not have to fall victim to them. Avoid wasting your money on these falsely advertised, underhandedly promoted products and services:

Carnival Games

Carnivals get their income not just from their rides but also from your gullibility. Carnival games were built with the intention of taking away your money. So forget about shelling out $49 to win a stuffed toy for your date. Both your money and ego are at stake.

“Free” Credit Report Companies

Even worrying about your credit score is not good enough a reason to get these services. They often trick you into paying as much as $15 a month to enroll in Triple Advantage. Save yourself the highway robbery; you can get a genuinely free credit score from such sites as Credit Karma.

Investing in the Bargain-Bin Real Estate Market

In the context of today’s housing situation, you should probably hold out from investing in real estate at bargain-bin prices. In the same way, you shouldn’t be optimistic of the recovery of depressed communities.

As a rule of thumb, walk away from investing in neighborhoods whose houses each have more than one car in the front. Run if you see a disproportionate ratio of schools to pawnshops. Drive away fast if you see operational phone booths and people always using them.


One of life’s unspoken commandments is to never treat the mini-bar in your accommodation as recourse. Just take a look at the price list: For a candy bar, prepare to fork out $4; a shot of liquor, $14; a can of beer, $8; and so forth. Worse, these expenses accumulate quickly. Before you know it your bills are thinning. You’d be better off asking the receptionists about nearby liquor stores.

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New York Mets Season Tickets

Getting hold of NY Mets season tickets could be very hellish indeed. Try sifting for tickets from secondary sellers.


Just because it is endorsed by the likes of Hulk Hogan does not mean you have to take out merchandises from Rent-A-Center. With its three-figure annual percentage rate, Rent-A-Center virtually guarantees you languish in poverty. Enjoy the products while they last: Rent-A-Center would eventually come barging in your house to reclaim them. This company was probably founded to supply entertainment to your neighbors.


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9 Responses

  1. dcngo1 says:

    I heard of one hotel that will charge you automatically when you take something out and don’t put it back after a few seconds. (How does that work, I wonder.) Recently I stayed in a place where the contents of the mini-bar were completely free. One Coke, one Sprite, a bag of peanuts and some Lay’s potato chips. Well, free is free!

  2. jonasb says:

    Better be careful on everything you are planning to do. There are many scams and false people out there and just waiting for someone who are easily to be driven out. They are just watching over, keep your eye open and be aware. Sometimes, we just need a little extra care to get rip offs.

  3. credit scores page says:

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  4. George Soros says:

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  9. Dan Morton says:

    Definitely, the rent a center way to get furniture is one of the biggest rip-offs ever. Imagine paying 2x or 3x for a television that will lose almost all its value within a couple of years!

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