Simple Dishes Every Man Should Know How To Cook

Man cooking

An untold number of men still do not know how to cook, thinking it is not manly. Nothing could be more wrong, as cooking is not a matter of gender roles. Cooking is a skill that should be practiced by both men and women.

Cooking is survival, in fact. Prehistoric men did it; modern men do it. Keeping your sense of manhood becomes useless if you cease to exist. As for takeouts, they are passé, unhealthy, and expensive.

Cooking does not have to be complicated. By and large, it only entails following a simple recipe. The following are just a few of the dishes that every guy on earth should have known how to make yesterday:


Burgers are not called fast foods for no reason. They are as quick to make as they are scrumptious to eat.

You can easily make the patties as much as the kid at Jollibee. Dash them with seasoning like BBQ sauce or chili powder and cook them on a grill. That’s basically it.

Grilled Cheese

You only have to memorize a Holy Trinity for this recipe: cheese, bread, and butter. Secure these and you’re good to go.

Don’t even say this is a kid’s dish. It is no more that than the Lord of the Rings is a child’s movie. Grilled cheese makes for a tasty midnight treat as well as a delicious brunch.

Grilled Chicken Salad

Most of the time spent on this dish is in grilling the chicken. Otherwise, grilled chicken salad is a breeze to make, consisting of throwing random ingredients, i.e. nuts, croutons, and veggies, in a bowl.

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For a summery twist, sneak in infant tomatoes and freshly chopped fruits. That easy and that healthy.

Pork Chops

Photos of this sumptuous dish belie its easiness. All you need to make pork chops, apart from the meat, is oil and salt and pepper to taste. You just need to fry each side of the pork for 6 minutes at most.

As you get used to cooking pork chops, you may practice breading and seasoning it. For now, the basics of frying will do for this great-tasting dish.


Don’t let Taco bell cow you into thinking you could never make the perfect Mexican quesadillas on your own. Concocting this dish is ridiculously easier than you think. The densest person on earth can make it using so much as a toaster.

If you haven’t known, fastfood quesadilla is just microwave-heated junk.

Roasted Chicken

Marinated Roast Chicken MealArguably the easiest dish you could ever make, roasted chicken just entails rubbing pepper and salt in the chicken and oven-heating it to a crisp.

Add a bit of hot sauce, then place salad and bread on the side – voila! You can subsist on this same dish for weeks on end.

Spaghetti Bolognese

This is yet another recipe requiring little ingredients and cooking time. A timeless dish, Spaghetti Bolognese merely needs some pasta, meat, garlic, and sauce.

It would probably only set you back by half an hour or a fraction of your time on the PSP.

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4 Responses

  1. dcngo1 says:

    wow, i am definitely showing this article to my hubby. he recently learned how to fry eggs, so maybe he’ll be open to expanding his repertoire. i find that the hardest thing is to THINK of what to eat and cook everyday– i don’t want to fall back on fast food just because it’s convenient. if both partners can cook, then THINKING should be easier. thank you for this!

  2. borzack says:

    @dcngo1 You’re welcome. Some of the best chefs in the world are men, yet most men can’t cook. Fortunately I do cook 🙂

  3. jonasb says:

    This is such a great encouragement for a guy like me. Anyway, there are some simple steps on how to cook the right and easy meal. I’m glad that I know how to cook meals like this. Anyway, I can share some more recipes that is so easy and simple to prepare like this.

  4. In Italy every man can cook..thanks to our mothers

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