How To Irritate People While Exercising

Excessive sweating during exercise
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Having your own gym or fitness center at home can be such a blessing of convenience. You can be buck naked for all anyone cares. Exercising in public on the other hand is a matter of sensitivity to others’ sensibilities.

Everyone has to exercise in public at some point. Nothing beats the fresh air outdoors or what could be superior equipment at public fitness centers – in exchange for your observance of etiquette, of course.

But if you really want to peeve others during exercise, do the following:

Sweat anywhere you want

Sweating while exercisingSweat is intended to evaporate unobtrusively into the clouds. One thing is not intended for is to cling to publicly used exercised equipment.

After lying on an exercise machine, make sure to wipe it clean with a towel. Wiping will not take a minute. A sense of satisfaction that you have not inconvenienced others lasts longer.

Compete with other exercisers

Treadmill raceJust because you are beside a fellow being at a gym does not give you license to square off with him/her. Chances are, your neighbor did not force you to do that triathlon on the treadmill.

Exercise is a competition between you and your health. You only need to keep up with it, not the nearest exerciser, who would probably win anyway.

Slip into some spandex

Overweight woman in spandexHere’s a surefire formula to looking silly during exercise:

Be out of shape and wear spandex.

So unless you’re a very lean athlete with body fat index less than 8 percent, ditch figure-hugging apparel made of it.

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Wear skimpy clothes when jogging in -10 degree weather

Skimpy wear in snowUnless you are Iceman or Xena, you are ill-advised to wear flimsy clothes when it’s frigid outside. No, people looking at you are not impressed you can manipulate your body temperature like Storm. They just want you to change costume.

Nobody sweats in cold weather. Therefore that outrageously scanty attire is out of the question. Put on some jacket and pants if you need to take a run in the icy cold.

Doing laps while children are in pool

Laps in children's poolFor the most part, community pools are built for the enjoyment of kids. So let them be; do not barge in on them like a walrus in a sea of penguins.

Technically you have as much privilege of using the pool but please spare the kids your Mark Spitz laps. You do not want to injure someone with that powerful butterfly stroke. If you have nowhere else to practice your strokes, swim at night or when the kids are tucked in bed.

Ride bikes in the middle of the road

Reckless cyclingRoads, by and large, are meant to be plied by automobiles. Meanwhile, parks have tax-paid trails specially made for bike riding.

Ride your bike where you would not be run over by a 10-wheeler truck or stoned by drivers angry at you for stopping traffic.


GruntingGrunting is as permissible a reflex as any during exercise. The same goes for cheers of encouragement from your trainers and moral supporters.

You need to grunt as part of release after physical exertion. But grunting like a raven or a cow in labor is voluntary overkill. Go easy on the grunting because you can help it.

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What’s the most irritating behavior while exercising for you?

By Fitium for Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine

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  1. I would like to add to the list and this comes from experience!I just got on a machine and had just finished my 1st set as I was waiting my 30 seconds in between sets I notice a young men watching me. My 30 seconds were up so I did my second set and upon finishing my 2nd set the young man approaches me and asks if I am done with the machine. In my head I was thinking, well my bottom is still in the seat so no!!!! But I politely said yes and left. By the way I still had one more set left.

    I understand people have a workout system they must follow, but you do not own the gym and the world does not revolve around you! So #8 Acting like you own the gym!

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