How To Consolidate Your Carbon Footprint

Reduce Carbon Footprint
Going greener with your business has become increasingly imperative as global temperatures become redder. Besides, your business would retain and gain new customers if they know it is taking responsibility for its environmental impact.

So you’ve settled it in yourself that your business is going to be as unobtrusive to the planet as possible hereon. But you may not be certain exactly how to do it or if you have enough greens for it.

Contrary to what you may have heard, greening your business is neither difficult nor expensive. What follows is just a small selection of things you can do to make your business greener.

Turn off electronic devices

If there is any advice you should take, it is this: switch off lights, computers, monitors, radios, audio-visual players, and other electronic devices when not in use. Until most of the world uses renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels, indoctrinate yourself and other employees to this habit. Doing so would give you great energy savings in the long term.

For illumination, opt for the many energy-efficient lighting fixtures available in the market today. Choose CFL bulbs with the “Energy Star” mark, as they last longer than ordinary bulbs and save you money.

This rule also applies to appliances. Seek the Energy Star seal on them. Your business is eligible for tax credits if you use Energy Star-certified appliances.


This one is a no-brainer in going green; recycling dramatically reduces energy use. Your establishment is sure to use lots of paper, which is the most recyclable of all office supplies.

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You can have someone pick up paper and other recyclable materials like plastic bottles for free.

Green marketing

Green marketing refers to the use of recycled paper and inks made from soy to print your brochures, business cards, posters, and other marketing paraphernalia. Soy ink usually appears more vibrant than an ordinary one.

For non-marketing materials, e.g. sales invoices, in-house memos, and forms, go paperless. Companies left and right have digitized their billing systems. Invoicing systems in particular can be wholly automated, saving you precious wages for laborers, to say nothing of electricity bills.

Not only does going digital in the office benefit the planet, it reduces business expenses.

Be reasonable with uniforms

There is a connection between the company uniform and the environment. If you allow workers to wear shorts during hot months, for example, you can switch off the air conditioning. If you instruct them to wear sweats in cold months, you use the thermostat less.

Fortune 500 Companies bid employees to go casual on their work wardrobe if a client or VIP is not around. Otherwise, they have to change to a formal outfit.

Green bathrooms

Install low-flow flushing toilets and waterless urinals in your bathrooms. They use water more conservatively than conventional ones.


These tips only start to scratch the surface of what you can do to consolidate your carbon footprint and live a healthy lifestyle. But certainly, a business following these simple steps is akin to a cat stepping silently on the earth.

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