7 Most Lethal Martial Arts

Martial arts have many purposes. Some are intended to whet the body and soul. Some are for exercise. Some are for achieving inner peace. Some are meant to kill.

What you are about to read are just some of the world’s deadliest martial arts. At most, they train your body to become formidable killing machines.

These kinds of martial arts prove that death does not always come with a gun. They lie in your own hands.

Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung FuAny roll call of powerful martial arts is incomplete without kung fu. It is the grandfather of hand-to-hand combat, practiced for hundreds of years in the Middle Kingdom, the country we know now as China.

Early on, monks served as custodians of this knowledge. They later passed it on to Chinese warriors who gratefully used it to turn their bodies into lethal weapons.

Kung fu is an umbrella term for any martial arts from China. In any case, the fundamentals are there: You need to attack your enemy with lightning speed and impregnable force.


IMG_9130Malaysia also has its own contribution to martial arts. The country is the cradle of silat, one of the deadliest martial arts you will ever know.

While other kinds of martial arts entail talks of spirituality, silat zeroes in on almost-mindless violence. Silat has no clear origins, but experts claim it is probably an amalgam of kung fu and martial arts from India. Other silat experts theorize that this form of fighting is derived from the behavior of animals.

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That latter explanation figures because silat masters, like animals, are known to incapacitate their opponents as fast as they can. Agility and powerfully paralyzing moves are the foundations of silat.

Muay Thai

Bulldog Gym - Revolution At The Roxy (69)In Malaysia’s neighbor Thailand, multitudes are engrossed with Muay Thai. An ancient fighting style often referred to as the Art of Eight Limbs, this martial art form is characterized by devastatingly lightning-quick knee strikes.

This martial art doubles as a sport akin to boxing for Thais. Athletes have died from this sport, mostly because their ribs took powerful blows from the knees.


This should not be missing in any list of deadly martial arts. Created in Korea possibly in prehistoric eras, taekwondo is arguably the world’s most famous martial art.

“Taekwondo” literally translates to “the art of kicking and punching”; that should give you an idea of its threat. But more than punching, taekwondo underscores kicking as it makes use of the legs, considered as the body’s strongest, longest limbs.

This mastery of kicking allowed taekwondo masters to subdue fighters who only knew how to punch. One especially powerful taekwondo kick could stun an enemy in a heartbeat.


karate front kickIf China and Korea have kung fu and taekwondo, Japan has the wildly popular karate. This martial art form tries to involve all parts of the body in combat. It involves not only kicking and punching, but also throws and so-called “knife strikes,” among others. Karate also differs from most others in this list in that it genuinely focuses on the mind as well as the body.

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You may not think so but karate is only a relatively new form of martial arts. It was first developed by Japanese soldiers in the 19th century.


Top-level Marine instructors use martial arts workshop to renew, re-certify ethical warriors [Image 3 of 3]Martial arts are not only exclusive to Asian nations. Another violent martial art form was developed in the United States, by marines to be exact.

Esteemed among the deadliest martial art forms in the world, the Marine Corp Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) a.k.a. “semper fu” perfects hand-to-hand combat. Initially, soldiers are taught strikes and take-downs. In latter phases of the program, they are taught how to deal with a rifle-wielding enemy – without the aid of arms.

MCMAP is only the successor to a much deadlier martial art also developed by the marines. Called LINE, it was discontinued due to its singular dangerousness. MCMAP was conceived because the command felt they need some targets alive.

Krav Maga

Seminario Krav Maga Impartidos por Sam Lumpini 022In a land torn by war, Israeli soldiers have adapted by developing their own kind of martial art called Krav Maga.

Its teachings are rudimentarily violent.

No nonsense about the soul, etc – the sole intent is to disarm and disable, if not destroy opponents.

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  1. b.nijhoff says:

    I really am intrested in martial arts. I also have done a few martial arts: Judo and MMA. I really like martial arts and also want to do Muay Thai with this. Keep on the good work.

  2. El_Greco says:

    The most lethal martial art is called ‘Pankration” used by ancient Greek soldiers. This is not for self defense, but for killing enemy soldiers in combat.

  3. John says:

    This list has a rather large inaccuracy. It says that Karate was invented by Japanse soldiers in the 19th century. In fact, Karate was developed in Okinawa over the course of centuries, and only began to have a strong foothold in Japan in the early 20th century.

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