Gibson Learn And Master Guitar – Get Serious About Learning How To Play The Guitar At Home!

Jimi Hendrix. Chuck Berry. Jimmy Page. These men all have a thing in common: They know how to play guitar.

Guitars are instrumental, so to speak, in the production of many kinds of music, from rock ‘n’ roll to blues to country to folk to bluegrass to pop. This instrument’s versatility has captivated generations into learning how to play it.

Some want to learn how to play guitar in pursuit of dreams, e.g. becoming a signed musician or professional songwriter. Some merely want to be able to keep up with their friends in a garage session. Some want to show off their guitar playing skills on Youtube and make money selling their songs. Some want to be able to teach their children. Some want to play just for the heck of it.

If you’re just a beginner, you would be delighted to know about the Gibson Learn and Master Guitar course with Steve Krenz. It packs many years’ worth of guitar lessons into one DVD set and covers crucial topics skipped by many video-based courses.

Gibson Learn And Master Guitar

Under Steve’s tutelage, you get to learn the instrument at a very convenient pace. In the meantime, you are spared the more superfluous facets of guitar training.

Becoming a guitar god through self-study has never been easier with Gibson Learn and Master Guitar. If you are prepared to devote just half an hour every day to this program, you are well on your way to musical greatness.

Start playing the guitar now!

Pros of Gibson Learn and Master Guitar


Guitar Learning DVDGibson Learn and Master Guitar can be very comprehensive. It exhausts all the basics of learning guitar as well as the intermediates, including fundamental musical theory. Provided you follow the DVDs chronologically, each of the course’s lessons is easy to understand.

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Granted, guitar lesson websites give you access to more info than Gibson Learn and Master Guitar. But such an info overload is bound to do more harm than good to your guitar training. It hampers your progress because you don’t know where to focus.

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Good lesson book

Guitar Lesson BookYou would find the lesson book very, very useful in your commitment to learn how to play guitar. It is indispensable for practice.

With every lesson he wraps up, Steve launches into workshop mode. That is, your time to practice. A workshop session gives exercises for you to practice your guitar playing. All of the workshop exercises are presented in the lesson book for your scrutiny and review. So instead of constantly rewinding the DVD videos during practice, simply refer to your lesson book.

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Jam Along discs

Guitar Jam Along CDEvery section of the lesson book makes mention of Jam Along discs, which contain studio-recorded songs that you can practice to.

Just pop these CDs in your audio player and play along. These discs would make you feel as if you’re performing with a band live.

These discs are just part of what set Gibson Learn and Master Guitar from the rest of the heap.

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Amazing video quality

Guitar Professional InstructionsFor the longest time, prospective guitar players made do with the dated version of Learn and Master Guitar. In October 2010, a more current version, fully re-shot in high definition, was released. If not better, the video quality of the DVDs is as superior as any other guitar course out in the market.

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Observe how the filmmakers went out on a limb to put graphics onscreen to match those in the lesson book. They also incorporated multiple-angle video shots so you can watch the demos from convenient distances.

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Great support

Guitar Learning ForumEach purchase of a Gibson Learn and Master Guitar set comes with free access to online support.

Steve himself logs in daily to the website, through which he can interact with students.

Also, the site serves as a forum for you and other students, with whom you can compare notes as you become better players.

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Cons of Gibson Learn and Master Guitar

Price Comparison

At $149, Gibson Learn and Master Guitar can be costly compared to other guitar lesson DVDs. But consider it a good investment with very high returns. Besides, in comparison to private tutorials, this course offers the best value for your money.

Usually you have to fork out $20 for one private lesson. Before a year has gone by, you will have coughed up $1,040. Suddenly, $149 does not seem so exorbitant anymore.

Size of the course

One drawback of the course is its sheer largeness. You may take one year or so to lap up all 20 DVDs of Learn and Master Guitar. Then again, remember that you can always stop at any point of the course and return if you please.

Gibson Learn and Master Guitar – Conclusion

Winner of the 2008 Acoustic Guitar Magazine Players’ Choice Awards, two Telly Awards and an AEGIS Award for Excellence in Education, Learn And Master Guitar is widely recognized as the best home instruction course for learning guitar available anywhere. It is the next best thing to an in-person guitar tutorial. It is the cheaper one too. Go after what you want now and learn how to play one of the most important string instruments of all time.

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Unleash the inner Jimi Hendrix inside you today!

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