Don’t Lose Your Cool

Losing temperDo you tend to sweat the small stuff when things seem to not work your way? Experiencing the out-of-control feeling that blows your top off is never good if you aim for a healthy lifestyle. This psychological stress is harmful to health, leading to heart disease and depression.

Some people are so gifted that it seems being cool and collected is just the normal thing. So how can we be more like them and what things can we learn from these people?

Learning to detach from things that irk us and mastering control can change everything for our benefit. Thankfully, these positive behaviors can be learned.

First, try to clear ones thoughts in stopping these outbursts. Thinking before acting helps you in being “in control”.

So try not to sweat the small stuff and take note of these great ways in keeping your cool:

Looking Glass

Self-awareness brings clarity of the mind and helps you to learn more about yourself. What could be your initial feelings when a friend won’t call back? Instead reacting negatively, take a good look at the situation and you’ll soon realize that it’s not about you at all.


Trash negative inner dialogue and control your tongue. Speak positively and distracting yourself with positive thoughts about loved ones, a vacation spot or an enjoyable activity. Relaxing methods like deep breathing or meditating can help.

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Open up and put your ideas on the table. Others will find it interesting and will expect engaging thoughts from you. Aside from speaking up, take time to listen to others as well. Simply flow with the interaction of exchanging ideas and points of view.

Be Proactive

Get to work and find ways and solutions to any problem. Avoid sitting idly and define your problem, remember your goals and think about how to really achieve goals. If tardiness is a problem, then getting up 10 minutes earlier is a sure way to beat it.

The Art of Persuasion

People who are successful in influencing people, think about the situation at hand. Skills of persuasiveness, conflict management and taking a leadership position help them in rising up from any situation, good or bad.

Saying No

Learning to be decisive and saying no is important if you need to assert your needs without collapsing into a pile of mush or stepping on everyone’s toes. Be simple, courteous and directly say no.

Empathize with Others

Putting yourself into the shoes of others can alter your perspective. Being others-centered means acknowledging the fact that everyone has a bad day.  Still, in the end, you come to realize that it’s not all about you.

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