Saying NO To Drugs

Say NO To DrugsParents should emphasize to their teens why they must take a firm stand against illegal drugs.

For those who want to raise drug-free teen, here’s the guidelines on doing so.

If you are a teen seeking for ways to avoid drug use, this is for you as well.

Know what to say when someone offers you a drug

It is better to anticipate for this scenario so you won’t get surprised when it happens suddenly. Have you already thought of what to say when faced with this dilemma? Saying no should not be a burden. You do not have to give elaborate explanations. It is as simple as saying “No, thanks.”

Plan ahead to avoid trouble

What will you do if your friend throws a party when his parents are in an out-of-town vacation?  If you foresee an opportunity in which substance abuse can take place, it is better to avoid it rather than take risks. Another example is when your friend who is a drug user offers you a ride but won’t tell you where to go. Most probably, he’s planning to tempt you to get high along with him. Try to anticipate for situations like these and avoid them as much as possible.

Be careful in choosing your friend

People who are close to you may be the ones who would introduce you to drug or alcohol abuse. Some teens fell victim since they are unhappy and need to be in a company of someone. But think of the consequences of drug abuse, particularly its effects on your future. Don’t hesitate to drop friends who are drug users and those who want you to suffer the same fate. Those who cannot respect your decision to be drug-free are not a real friend.

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Beware of drug trafficking

Drug users may use you to procure illegal substances on their behalf. Do not allow them to turn you into a drug trafficker. Beware that simple requests like sneaking cough syrup from home or shoplifting could have serious implications.  Use your discretion to avoid being exploited by drug users.

Fight stress the healthy way and enjoy life

Some teens may feel alienated when they do not take drugs. This should not be the case. Take note that majority of teens are drug free. There are a lot of people who enjoy life without the aid of narcotics. Meet people who have a positive disposition.  Play music. Participate in school plays, get into sports, join clubs or get involved in community works.

Join anti-drug campaigns

Resisting drug and alcohol abuse can be more than a personal commitment. You can also go public and join others in building a drug-free society.  Find anti-drug community coalitions and join them. Refer to CADCA for more information about these movements. Community coalitions comprise groups of teachers, students, local leaders and parents who are collaborating together to fight drug abuse. Joining such coalitions is a great way to socialize with others who share your principles. Not only would you meet friends, you would also have a chance to join drug-free parties and help fellow teens who want to know how to fight drug abuse and have a healthy lifestyle.

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