Top 20 Most Out-Of-Shape Cities In The USA

Unhealthy Overweight AmericansAmerica’s fittest cities may right be under your nose. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) determined them to be Minneapolis, Washington DC, Boston, Portland, and Denver.

ACSM members took into account the eating habits, physical activeness levels, smoking rates, and prevalence of obesity in America’s largest metropolises. They then ascribed fitness scores to these cities.

Using the same findings, ACSM was also able to reveal the cities with the most unfit people in America. In reverse order:

20. Jacksonville, Florida

Score: 46.726

Home to NFL’s Jaguars, Jacksonville bursts with recreation centers, parks, baseball diamonds, and playgrounds for everyone to get moving. But no, many Jacksonville people just want to smoke and pass on the veggies and fruits. With a climbing death toll from heart conditions and diabetes, Jacksonville deserves a place in this ranking.

Jacksonville citizens can commiserate with the ranking’s two other cities in Florida.

19. Phoenix, Arizona

Score: 45.323

Citizens take the vast parkland areas for granted. They ignore the playgrounds and pools. Physical education is not strictly enforced while medical professionals are hard to come by. Nevertheless, the city boasts of low heart disease and diabetes incidence.

18. San Antonio, Texas

Score: 44.973

Health-care providers are even scarcer in San Antonio. It is also wanting of more public amenities for physical activity.

17. New Orleans, Louisiana

Score: 43.890

Clearly, New Orleans denizens eat a lot of fat-laden foods on all other days besides Fat Tuesday. There is little wonder then why its obesity incidence is sky-high. Diabetes, disability, and cardiovascular disease reign in this city. Smokers abound too.

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16. Miami, Florida

Score: 43.082

You might think all that sunlight has done much to elevate Miami inhabitants to the Elysian Fields of health. But no, the city has a dearth of parklands, baseball diamonds, golf courses, and tennis courts. Its schools’ physical education standards are also too easy to meet.

That said, Miami people generally report fabulously healthy lifestyles and enjoy low rates of heart disease, asthma, and diabetes.

15. Charlotte, North Carolina

Score: 42.329

Despite the low rates of asthma and cardiovascular conditions, Charlotte dwellers are apt to miss out on veggies and fruits, let alone physical activity. Besides, exercise is not convenient in a city with few parks, pools, and fitness centers. Residents have also been found not to walk or bike to work.

14. Nashville, Tennessee

Score: 42.260

Nashville’s residents are notorious for smoking, although they religiously eat vegetables and fruits. Still, heart disease makes its presence felt here.

13. Columbus, Ohio

Score: 42.233

Physical education programs in Columbus schools are laudable. But they are offset by the high rates in asthma, diabetes, and mental conditions. Smoking rate is also too high for comfort.

12. Dallas, Texas

Score: 41.329

As the cradle of barbecue and Tex-Mex, Dallas denizens should only exhibit an aversion to healthy farmers markets. They may want to exercise but Dallas only has so much parks and recreation facilities. Only a small fraction of the populace rides the bike or walk to work.

11. Tampa, Florida

Score: 40.438

Its being a home to multiple famous sports teams belies its health state. Tampa dwellers are not as fit as their teams, with only a few preferring to bike or walk to the office. A high percentage of the populace admits to not enjoying good health.

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10. Los Angeles, California

Score: 39.123

Residents of the City of Angels are not better off in mental health than other cities. Worse, they miss out on exercise opportunities because the city lacks parkland and recreational centers.

But thanks to its traffic jams, Los Angeles’ populace are often forced to take a walk or ride the bicycle to work. In fact, Los Angeles and Orange County dwellers do not complain so much about heart disease, asthma, and obesity.

9. Houston, Texas

Score: 38.315

Houston could be hell for people who need to exercise in outdoor areas. The city is short in parks, pools, playgrounds, and other fitness centers.

8. Las Vegas, Nevada

Score: 37.836

For sure, the bright lights of Las Vegas do not emanate from farmers’ markets and fitness facilities. More often than not, residents of Las Vegas residents do not consume adequate amounts of vegetables and fruits.

7. Riverside, California

Score: 36.753

Riverside is the seventh least fit city in the US, owing to the fact that physical activity areas are few and far between. Dogs are luckier; they have special parks for themselves.

Fruits and veggies are fixtures in the diet of Riverside people. However, the obesity rate here is exceptionally high.

6. Indianapolis, Indiana

Score: 34.411

Asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity are on the rise here. So is smoking.

Its saving grace is its many golf courses. But the non-golfing population may have to find cities with more public areas for exercise.

5. Detroit, Michigan

Score: 33.808

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Being America’s car mecca, Detroit has made biking, walking, and commuting too Triassic. Because of this, Motor City has accelerated into the arms of asthma, heart disease, and diabetes.

4. Birmingham, Alabama

Score: 33.630

Residents typically complain of being obese, diabetic, and disabled here. For a city with lots of healthcare providers, Birmingham has much work to do for the healthy lifestyle of its people. But with pathetic acres of parkland on which one can exercise, Birmingham places fourth in the list.

3. Memphis, Tennessee

Score: 32.877

Memphis is the third least-fit city in America for seriously lacking parkland and health-care professionals. Sure Graceland and the tourist sights keep the economy afloat, but not the health of the people.

2. Louisville, Kentucky

Score: 29.000

Where schools do not meet federal standards for physical education, where residents smoke a lot despite rampant heart disease and diabetes, there is Louisville. This city may be high on derbies but it is really low on health.

1. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Score: 24.575

ACSM has crowned Oklahoma City as the unhealthiest city in America. The number of diabetics, obese, and poor in heart health are as high as Oklahoma’s fields are vast. The metropolis, furthermore, hosts a devastatingly low number of public areas for recreation.

Know better and follow the lead of fit Americans, which are still many.

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