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Here’s an interesting fact. Only 4% of the total human population know how to use gift certificates properly.

Now don’t be surprised because that is true. How can that be possible you say?…when gift certificates are so simple that even a monkey can use it? It is not that people are dumb, it’s just that people do not follow instructions!

Do you remember a childhood activity that was commonly used by teachers to test us? This activity was to see if a child listens and follows instructions. Here’s how it goes. The teacher hands out a paper to every kid in class. This paper contains a list of steps usually numbering from 1-50 to 1-70. The teacher says to read all the steps until the end before doing anything. You know what most children do? They start from step 1 following it all the way to the end. That’s great and all but do you know what the smart kids did? They just followed one step and they were done. Why is that? Because if the other kids followed the teacher’s instructions and read all the steps first, they would have read a step that said to ignore all the other steps and just write down your name on the upper left corner. That was it. That was all you had to do. Follow one step and not 50 or 70 steps. If only the other kids listened.

So what’s the big deal? It is just a gift certificate. It is just a school activity. Yeah that’s true but unfortunately it carries over to other important things. For example some people do not even listen to their own doctors. Why wouldn’t you? The doctor is a medical professional. He was trained to do his job and to do it well. Not anyone can be a doctor and not everyone is a doctor. You pay the doctor your hard earned cash to hear what he/she has to say then you just ignore it? What was the point then? Survey shows that only 50% of patients follow their doctor’s instructions. Your life is on the line and some people choose to gamble believing they know more than the doctor.

Phen375 Diet Plan Instructions

The Phentemine375 diet pill (Phen375 for short) is more than a great weight loss pill but also a diet plan. It means there is a strategy for losing weight and there are instructions the user should follow. The reason for this is so the customer can maximize the full potential of Phen375. Don’t worry as the instructions are simple and easy to remember. When taking Phen375 diet supplement just drink a healthy amount of water daily while following the directions written on the Phen375 bottle.

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This is all so you can get the full benefits of this diet pill. If you don’t follow instructions you will not see results. People have this tendency to disobey instructions regarding health. It is really mind boggling why they do it. It is okay if you don’t follow instructions for something harmless, but for something as important as your health?

Phen375 Effectiveness Study

Here’s another proof. An objective study was done in users of Phentemine375 diet pill.

In the first part of the study, the participants were only given the diet pill itself with no instructions given. It was up to them to figure it out or come up with their own instructions. The average weight loss for these participants was only 7.3%.

In the second part of the study, the same participants were given the Phen375 diet pills again but this time with the correct instructions. The proper instructions contained information like how to use Phen375, what to do after taking it and so on. The average weight loss increased to 53.7%. As you can see by merely following proper instructions things have changed drastically. It is amazing. It is an increase of around 70%. So your mind can wrap itself around it, it is like this. Without the instructions you lose weight an average of let’s say 2 pounds. By following instructions you now lose weight an average of 14 pounds!

Now there is still the final part. The same participants were again given the Phen375 weight loss pills, proper instructions, and the Phentemine375 diet plan. The average weight loss was 83.2% doing the math given the same as above.

  • Phen375 without instructions – weight loss of 2 pounds.
  • Phen375 with given instructions – weight loss of 14 pounds.
  • Phen375 with given the instructions and Phen375 diet plan – weight loss of 17 pounds.
  • Continued use of Phen375 and following the diet plan with proper instructions  – lose weight 19 pounds monthly.
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This is something a bit controversial as things like this are supposed to be confidential. But it is okay as long as the names are kept anonymous.

Misread Instructions

The following is an exact email from a Phen375 customer to the company’s support department. This is to prove that sometimes you think you are indeed following the instructions while you actually might have misread the instructions.

Customer says:

“Believe me, as I said twice before, I followed your directions to the letter. I take one pill per day, I drink lots of water, 4 glasses, and I skip breakfast. Oh well, hope it works for others”

Phentemine375 diet pill Support Department says:

“I understand you are following our diet plan, but you are supposed to eat 6 times per day and not skip meals. This alone will put your system is starvation mode. You are also telling me you are only taking 1 diet tablet daily? You are suppose to take one in the morning and one mid day. You can actually download and read the diet plan on our official website.

During the morning and afternoon, remember the time you consumed your tablet. Then choose a choice of one of three meals for that time period. The idea here is to change your eating habits for 30 days.  Eating 6 small, low fat, low carbohydrate meals 6 times every day will boost metabolism. The weight loss pills will help boost your metabolic rate but we also want you to eat 6 times daily as this helps the pills keep your metabolism working.

Drinking the water flushes your liver and kidneys. Most people make the mistake of not eating, or skipping meals this causes your body to go into starvation mode and actually slows down your ability to burn fat.

You feel you were following the plan, but in honesty you were not. You should just follow the diet plan for 30 days, take the 2 Phentemine375 diet pills as directed and you will actually increase your metabolic rate, but again you have to follow it according to the letter. Eight glasses of water is probably at best of what you should be consuming.

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Again if you were not following the diet plan and taking pills that’s why you did not achieve the results we normally get. Thank you.”

So don’t say that Phentemine375 diet supplement doesn’t work when you really didn’t follow the diet plan at all. You have to follow it 100% not just 80%or 90%. Do not also make excuses for yourself saying it is just fast food. I am pretty sure it won’t affect me losing weight. Or other excuse like it was just a small pie. It won’t interfere with my intake of Phen375. Or some other usual ones like drinking soda is the same as drinking water. Soda also contains water. That is not true. Carbonated drinks are vastly different from pure water. So please stop fooling yourself and instead help yourself to lose weight.

Phen375 Customer Service Help

The Phen375 customer service is actually very friendly and willing to help. So if you have any questions feel free to ask them. Or even anything to help you become healthy and lose weight just ask them. They will be more than happy to lend a hand. Their staffs are also on standby daily so expect a quick response in a few hours.

And if you are still doubtful about Phentemine375 diet pill don’t worry because they will refund your money if you don’t lose weight after a month. Just consult with their company’s return policy.

In conclusion, you have to do it the Phen375 way and not your way. It is their product and they know best how to use it. Just ask the thousands of happy and satisfied users of this effective weight loss pill. Keep in mind to take 2 Phen375 diet pills daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Eat 6 small healthy meals per day. Never skip a meal. Drink a healthy amount of water daily. 8-9 glasses of pure clean water daily. This might vary depending on the person. No flavored water. Follow this strictly for 30 days and watch those pounds disappear. Now those are instructions that are easy to remember and easy to follow. So there are no excuses. If you think about it, that is a small price to pay for gaining such a huge benefit.

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