12 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Can Do


1. You can make anxiety disappear

This will make you look like a baby though. But here goes.

Blow on your thumb!

According to Ben Abo, an emergency medical service specialist, the vagus nerve responsible for controlling heart rate can be controlled by breathing.

This will get your heart rate down to normal.

2. You can prolong your bladder endurance

Larry Lipshultz M.D., a chief of male reproductive medicine says, fantasizing about sex can help us prolong any call of nature.

This works because it pushes the want to urinate or defecate out of the way replacing it with better thoughts. Whether this works with women too is still unknown. But be careful though, holding in your urine can be dangerous.

But hey… at least you know you have a legitimate reason why you’re undressing Megan Fox… or any other celebrity you can think of for that matter 🙂

3. You can restore blood flow

Whenever you get that feeling of a thousand needles pricking a body part, just shake your head side to side.

Of course don’t shake so fast that you break your neck.

That needle pricking feeling is when a hand or leg “falls asleep” because of restricted blood flow and tense muscles. Shaking your head side to side gently fixes this. After that stand up and move around to get things back to normal.

4. You can increase your hearing ability

Researchers at David Geffen School of Medicine found out that by listening with your left ear (pointing your left ear towards the sound source) you can have an easier time identifying musical tones. And by listening with the right ear, you can better hear someone talking. This has something to do with our brain divided into 2 halves. One half is better for creative things while the other half is for logical things.

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Just be careful when doing this though, as you might look weird listening with one ear. Rather do this in a discreet way.

5. You can clear nasal congestion

A trick revealed by Lisa De Stefano D.O. of Michigan State University is to alternately push your tongue against your mouth’s roof, then press a finger between your eyebrows.

Give it 20 seconds or so to feel nasal relief. Doing this rocks your vomer bone back and forth which will clear your nasal passages. The vomer bone is found in the nasal passage itself. If you do however have a serious nasal congestion visit a doctor. And remember to get a regular checkup to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

By the way, don’t worry as you won’t break or fracture your vomer bone 🙂

6. You can be invincible to pain

Well, temporarily only though. German researcher Taras Usichenko has long studied this weird occurrence. Whenever you cough, it causes an instant rise in pressure on the chest and spine which stops the pain receptors of the spinal cord. But this event only happens momentarily. This was only tested during an injection. So don’t go coughing to protect yourself when someone tries to hurt you. It won’t work!

7. You can stop night time acid reflux

Acid reflux happens when the tube that food passes through from the throat going to the stomach is weak to handle the digestive acids. The stomach is immune to this because its walls are strong enough.

To prevent this from happening while you’re sleeping, sleep on your left side.

Sleeping on the left greatly reduces the chance of acid reflux. This is all about positioning and gravity. Lying down on your left side connects the esophagus and stomach at an angle by placing the stomach lower than the esophagus. Sleeping on the right side places the stomach higher than the esophagus which allows the food and digestive acids to go up your throat.

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8. You can relieve toothache

Rubbing ice between your thumb and index finger reduces toothache pain by 50%.

Canadian researchers say this numbs the nerve endings located in between the two fingers therefore blocking the pain signals being transported.

9. You can heal minor burns

This works for minor burns only. Severe burns need to be taken to the hospital.

Put light pressure on it using your fingers.

This natural method brings down the temperature of the burned skin reducing any chance of blisters. Afterwards you can apply ice for complete relief.

10. You can fight off dizziness

First off, remember to always live a healthy lifestyle by learning to drink moderately. Don’t drink until you pass out. But let’s assume you only drank enough to feel woozy. There’s a simple solution that you can do anytime and anywhere.

Rest your hand on something stable.

That’s it.

You see in your ear there is cupula, which is responsible for balance. Cupula is a fluid that has the same density as blood. Whenever you drink, and drink a lot, the cupula starts to lose its density making it lighter. Once it’s light enough, it rises and confuses your brain’s sense of balance. By having support from something stable it clears up your brain and your balance.

But why is this better than just standing up or sitting down? The answer is in the nerves located in your hands. The nerves are so sensitive that the input and feedback to your brain is stronger compared to anything else.

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11. You can overpower someone stronger

Get a big person who is stronger than you. Have this person hold an arm straight out to the side. Make the hand of that arm face palm down. Now put 2 of your fingers on this person’s wrist and push down. There is no way you can push that person’s arm down no matter how hard you try.

Now have the person place the opposite foot on something a few inches higher. Maybe something higher like a stack of books. Do it again. Press down on the wrist with just 2 fingers. This time that person’s hand is going to go down.

Rachel Cosgrove co owner of Results Fitness explains, a simple misaligning of a person’s hips will counterbalance the spine. The brain then feels that the spine is in danger and so orders the body to stop resisting. Now go and show them who the boss is!

12. You can become like Aquaman

Though the way to do so might turn away some people… to be able to extend breathing underwater, you have to hyperventilate.

Jonathan Armbruster Ph.D., associate professor of biology, says that underwater, the carbon dioxide that builds up in our blood is what makes us gasp for air and not the fact that we lack oxygen. By hyperventilating, instead of building up carbon dioxide you build up oxygen and lessen acidity in the blood. This will trick your brain that it has more oxygen that it actually has. Be careful though as an increase of 10 seconds is all you get 🙂

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