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71 Home Remedies That Work As Good As Medicine

Home Made Herbal RemedyThe main goal of a healthy lifestyle is to get good health and remain illness free to be able to enjoy life to the fullest. However there are times when you still get sick. So to be able to regain that healthy lifestyle a quick recovery is a must. For quite some time we have relied on buying medicine from drugstores to make our illness go away. But there are 71 typical household items that can get the job done as well as any medicine.

One advantage of household remedies is there are fewer threatening side effects. Most of the remedies are natural so they pose little threat if they go wrong. It is also very convenient as there is no need to leave the house to purchase medicine. What if you’re too sick to go out? And the final advantage of home remedies is they are relatively inexpensive.

The following are things that are more than meets the eye.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar: Hippocrates is widely known to have used apple cider vinegar to treat his patients. And you can’t blame him because it does relieve body aches, lack of energy, and warts. Nowadays even veterinarians use it as treatment for our beloved pets.

2. Club Soda: A first aid remedy for an upset stomach is to drink a can of soda. Pop the can open and leave it for 15 minutes before drinking. This will help settle down your stomach. As a plus, club soda is great with removing stains too.

3. Chocolate Milk: People who workout know that by drinking chocolate milk afterwards is a good practice. Chocolate milk acts as a recovery drink to regain lost electrolytes and various minerals after pumping iron. Aside from that who doesn’t love drinking chocolate milk?

4. Cinnamon: Recent scientific studies have discovered that the intake of a half teaspoon of cinnamon daily can help reduce LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Before that cinnamon was already helping with diabetes, leukemia, and arthritis.

5. Ginger: There is a reason why this spice has been around for a long time and will last for an even longer time. That is because it can help with motion sickness, heartburn, and ovarian cancer.

6. Garlic: Raw garlic is actually effective in treating acne and managing your cholesterol. That is if you can stand chewing and eating it.

7. Honey: Honey has a long history of being more than something sweet. Its resume includes wound healing, preventing infection, treats diarrhea, indigestion, gastroenteritis, and stomach ulcers.

8. Lemon Water: Lemon when combined with water gives it the ability to alkalize your body and blood controlling your acidity levels. And I thought lemon was just something you wedge on the edge of your drinking glass.

9. Hydrogen Peroxide: A nice simple home remedy for teeth whitening is to take some strawberries mix with baking soda, then add lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide and you have a whitening toothpaste. To whiten teeth faster brush for 5 minutes every time.

10. Water: A major causes of illnesses we feel are actually because of dehydration. That’s why whenever you feel under the weather, try to drink lots of water. Who knows you may just be dehydrated. And you know the old adage, “Drink plenty of water daily 8-10 glasses a day.”

11. Almonds: This tasty nut has been proven by science to be one of the healthiest nuts in the world. A diet that includes almonds can help reduce blood pressure.

12. Evening Primrose Oil: The extracted oil from the Primrose plant contains a fatty acid that lowers cholesterol levels, takes away fatigue, and stabilizes fluctuating hormone levels.

13. Flaxseeds: For seeds, flaxseeds are pretty nutritious. They contain omega-3 fats and are a good source of fiber. Flaxseeds are a definite requirement for your healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.

14. Jalapenos: This medium sized chili pepper like its spicy brethren can also increase metabolism. So to burn calories faster make sure to eat some. But be careful as it’s really spicy.

15. Milk: Milk really does wonders, in this case fat free milk. Drinking fresh milk before a meal can decrease your appetite and calorie intake. This means your body is semi full and you won’t be overeating. This is ideal for people looking to lose weight.

16. Make It Raw: Now this is a not a common house ingredient but a great suggestion. A lot of people do not know that by cooking certain food and vegetables, you actually lose their essential nutrients. So when you think you are cooking and eating a healthy meal, it turns out you’re eating nothing of nutritional value. So try to cook some things raw. This way you still get the nutrients they contain.

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17. Coconut: For now this is just speculation. Taking a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil can make you lose weight. This seems to work for some people so it’s worth a try. Even if it doesn’t make you lose weight, its wholesome enough anyway for everyone to do it.

18. Pine Nuts: Pine nuts have pinolenic acid, which is the opposite of an appetizer. It decreases your appetite. This is great for people who cannot control their eating habits. This is also excellent for people who are on a diet.

19. Vinegar: Although still being studied, a theory that vinegar can increase metabolism shows great promise. A faster metabolism equates to faster digestion of food and faster calorie burning. Vinegar is another great way to lose weight.

20. Ashes: This might be just an old wives tail, but is has been done for centuries. Whenever you have a wart just get some cooled down ashes from a fireplace or any other source and put it on the wart.

21. Aloe: Aloe is great as first aid remedy for sunburns. It can also treat wounds and various types of skin inflammations. Interestingly enough aloe can also work for constipated people.

22. Avocado: Ever wonder why avocados are used in face masks? It’s because of the vitamin E it contains. Which is good for your skin as it repairs it and gives it that youthful glow. You can also make a simple face mask with just avocado. Once your done spread it on your face and let it sit for 20 minutes.

23. Banana Peel: If you have a wart and do not want a visit to the dermatologist or pharmacy, then take a banana peel and wrap it tightly around the wart. This suffocates the wart until it disappears. Unfortunately this method can take weeks or months. So unless you’re really cheap or lazy, this might be the time to go to the doctor or pharmacist.

24. Cocoa Butter: Have dry skin? A home remedy for this is cocoa butter which is extracted from cocoa beans. Apply the white waxy material all over the dry skin area.

25. Eggs: We all know eggs contain protein. But protein from egg works wonders with hair. It makes hair stronger and shinier. So here’s a home remedy for better hair. Take an egg and mix it with moisturizing oils like coconut oil or sesame oil, then apply to your hair and wrap it off as a final touch. Nothing beats getting your hair done at the comfort of your own home.

26. Castor Oil: Use this on both your skin and hair for best results. Of course do not take it orally.

27. Mayonnaise: Using the best type of mayonnaise (made of eggs) will help give your hair shine and manageability. Wrap your hair with mayonnaise at least once a week and leave it on for 20 minutes before washing off.

28. Oatmeal: Oatmeal’s great benefits come in two. The first it helps you live a healthy lifestyle by providing you with a healthy breakfast rich in fiber. The second is in the beta glucan it possesses. With the aid of a washcloth, put wet oatmeal in the washcloth then let it rest on your face for 15 minutes. Your face will feel refreshed and look refreshed afterwards.

29. Toothpaste: Want to get rid of a pimple quickly? Well just apply toothpaste on it. You see toothpaste has a cooling effect that reduces skin inflammations. Once you feel the pimple tingling then the toothpaste is taking effect. This procedure also works on boils. Just do not use toothpaste overnight.

30. Acai Berry: Thanks to talk show host Oprah Winfrey, everyone now knows that acai berries are powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants fight off free radicals that cause your body to age. The best acai berry product has to be Pure Acai Berry Max. So make sure to get one.

31. Apples: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Conditions it can help include prevention of cancer and Alzheimer’s, along with diabetes.

32. Berries: Whether it is blueberries or raspberries, berries contain antioxidants and many nutrients that can help with allergies. Try to incorporate it in your daily meal.

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33. Grapefruit: Grapefruit comes loaded with vitamin C and flavonoids to help you stay disease free and healthy. However candy makers have sort of abused it by mixing it with their products along with juices. Given a choice of eating the fruit itself or the synthetic one, choose the natural grapefruit.

34. Pomegranate: To fight off anti-aging and even caner, choose a product that has a main ingredient of the super fruit pomegranate. For the male species, you should know that pomegranate is also known as ‘the natural Viagra’.

35. Cherries: For patients who suffer from arthritis drink tart cherry juice along with water 3 times a day. This is recommended by the Arthritis Foundation. Cherries are known to prevent many types of inflammations. Just be careful because it’s really sweet.

36. Orange: No doubt the best source of vitamin C. More vitamin C means a stronger immune system to keep illness at bay. To continue living the healthy lifestyle, eat an orange a day. Along with an apple a day I guess.

37. Papaya: What more can you want from a fruit that is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Oh yeah its good for your skin too just ask any dermatologist. Papaya is great whether applied topically or taken orally.

38. Tangerines: Tangerines are known to slow down cancer with its flavonoids. It literally prevents the quick growth of cancer cells. To multiply the effects mix it up with any bright colored fruits because they usually have flavonoids as well.

39. Watermelon: If you’re one of the types of people who can’t stand drinking water to stay hydrated, then watermelons are a good alternative. They contain a large amount of water so it can be a replacement. And also they are rich in glutathione, another antioxidant to fight off skin aging.

40. Cabbage: The great things with cabbages are that every type of cabbage contains glutathione and antioxidants. So don’t worry about picking the wrong one and just buy cabbages. Traditional, red, Chinese, and white cabbages are all good for you and your healthy lifestyle.

41. Broccoli: Ignoring the taste, broccoli is worth pinching your nose and swallowing because of the Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D you get from it. This will ensure you have an immune system that can stand up to any disease or infection. So kids, next time your parents say eat your broccoli, do it.

42. Elderberry: Elderberries contain a powerful antioxidant and I am not exaggerating. Just ask the 1995 Panamanina flu which it defeated. As a plus it can also defeat poor vision, cholesterol, and heart problems. Elderberries come in supplement and juice form.

43. Eucalyptus: Vaporub has eucalyptus because it gives vaporub its ability to clear congested sinuses. So next time you don’t have vaporub, eucalyptus will do the trick. Menthol and camphor though can also act as excellent alternatives.

44. Mushrooms: Don’t just go picking off any mushroom you see, because only certain types contain antioxidants and selenium needed to boost the immune system. Be very careful indeed as eating the wrong type may even cause death.

45. Spinach: Popeye was a smart man. He really knew what he was doing. Eating spinach increases cell production because of the foliate, fiber, and Vitamin C. Now if only it looked tastier and really gave you superhuman strength.

46. Sweet Potato: As much as mashed potatoes have become the standard, sweet potatoes have beta carotene for powering up the immune system. Also they have lower carbs than other potatoes and have large doses of Vitamin A, which is good for your eyes.

47. Salt Water: An interesting thing about saltwater is that when flushed in your nose it can relieve congested nasal passages. Saltwater can even remove the virus particles as well too. So whenever you need to breathe properly, mix a quarter tablespoon of salt with baking soda along with a glass of warm water. Use a bulb syringe to flush your nose for instant relief.

48. Wheat Germ: You may not like the taste of wheat germ but if you think about the zinc, antioxidants, and Vitamin B you get from it. And that it will help fight off infections, then you might just go for it. Just don’t think of the name while you’re doing it.

49. Yogurt: Yogurt can only become healthy if you choose the sugar free and fat free one. Because those are the types that have Vitamin D and can fight off diseases.

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50. Cauliflower: Paired with broccoli, cauliflowers have sulforaphane, which the body uses to give healthy cells protection from cancer cells. You can also grow the cauliflower in your own backyard to ensure you have a constant supply.

51. Curry: has turmeric, which contains many benefits that aid in fighting heart disease.

52. Dried Red Peppers: These can include cayenne, paprika, and others. The spices help stimulate digestion and burn fat. If you want to burn fat and lose weight, you should take advantage of Capsiplex, which make full use of this incredible spice!

53. Epsom Salt: A great way to save money while detoxifying and curing sciatica is to soak your feet in a mixture of Epsom salt and warm water. And if soaking your feet only isn’t enough, you can put it in your bathtub to soak your entire body.

54. Fish: Eating fish is always a good habit. A variety of fish like salmon, halibut and tuna all contain cancer fighting substances.

55. Horseradish: A dose of horseradish is more than enough to help with congestion. Applying it directly to acne and even melasma proves it is also effective.

56. Oregano: An even stronger antioxidant than broccoli is oregano. 1 teaspoon of it is equivalent to 3 cups of broccoli. That is truly amazing. Another excuse to say you should eat pizza, pasta, and sandwiches. I’m just eating it for the antioxidant effect you can say.

57. Pepper: Pepper is added to food to make it taste better. But did you know it is also capable of improving digestion and reducing gas? Black pepper specifically contains hydrochloric acid, which gives it the capacity to do so.

58. Sea Salt: Good news for insomnia sufferers. It is worth trying to put some salt into a glass of water before going to bed. It’s guaranteed to put you to sleep.

59. Sunshine: The best thing things in life are free. In this case free Vitamin D. Just expose yourself to 10 minutes of natural sun daily and you will be fine. Just be sure you don’t get overexposed and get sunburned.

60. Thyme: comparable to oregano, Thyme has also high antioxidants content. Currently scientists believe it can be used for respiratory diseases.

61. Turmeric: Turmeric can be used for a variety of things as its cousin ginger. It can do things like treat allergies, obesity, Alzheimer’s, some certain cancers, and more.

62. Tomatoes: Lycopene is found in tomatoes, which is perfect for reducing cancer risk. To maximize the nutritional benefits of tomatoes, cook up tomato sauce or tomato paste.

63. Legumes: If you can’t afford the rising prices of meat nowadays, legumes are a good replacement. It comes with the same proteins as meat but more affordable. Other excellent meat alternatives are beans and lentils.

64. Orange Juice: Is filled with Vitamin C and folate, which reduces your risk of cancer. As much as possible opt for orange juice without sugar so you don’t turn a healthy drink into an unhealthy one.

65. Walnuts: Nuts are rich in antioxidants that not only can slowdown aging but prevent cancer as well. You also have a rich variety to pick from: Pistachio, pecan, and many more.

66. Black Tea: Another type of tea, black tea is as healthy as its counterparts. It combats stroke and heart disease and provides fluoride for your teeth. The best part? Almost every household has one. That’s if you can remember where you put it.

67. Green Tea: Stuffed with polyphenols and antioxidants that fight off cancer, stimulate metabolism, and boost the immune system green tea is a top home remedy. You just can’t say you have a healthy lifestyle if you don’t drink green tea.

68. Oolong Tea: Increase blood flow, burn calories, and build stronger bones with the help of oolong tea. It can also help with a distressed stomach.

69. Tea Bags: Before it even becomes liquid tea is already very useful. By placing the warm bags on your eyes, it provides relief for pink eyes.

70. White Tea: The cousin of green tea, it helps fight viruses and bacteria.

71. Other Herbal Remedies: Looking to go over to the green side? To try out some healing herbs like sage, aloe vera, or St. John’s Wort.

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