Helping Your Baby Learn And Grow

Happy BabySo you now have your own baby and you’d want to give him the best care you can ever give. Here are a few tips as to how you can help your cute little angel learn the basics during his development days.

First Month

On the first month, try to do some close up activities with him. Remember that during this early stage, he can only recognize things at eight to 15 inches away. Since it is on this stage that his eyes are developing, it would be best if you can keep your face close to him.

Second Month

After the first month, you can guide your baby by helping him develop better hand movements. Sing him a song and clap his hands. It is on this stage that he is slowly imitating your movements, voice and even your expression thus developing his hand-eye coordination and language.

Third Month

For the third month, give your baby colorful rattles and toys for him to grasp and play. Most of the babies are starting to play at this stage so better to encourage him hand-eye coordination. It is also advisable to put him in front of a mirror so he can get used to that idea.

Fourth Month

At about four months, your baby will start showing emotions on his daily activities. He’ll start babbling happily when given bright toys. Likewise, he’ll also show his disappointments by crying angrily when you take his toys away from him.

Fifth Month

For the fifth month, babies are slowly showing great developments as their eyes and ears are now working well. You can start hearing him babble words like mama, dada or papa. During these times, try to talk to him back and introduce some new words. It is highly recommendable that during this stage, you read him books and make him listen to music.

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Sixth Month

Your baby may be too active during his sixth month. He’ll start trying to sit up and move around. Guide him by placing him on his belly and give him toys to play. Give him something that would entertain him but be sure that his toys are way bigger than his mouth. Do remember that during this age, he is starting to put everything on his mouth.

Seventh Month

On his seventh month, your baby’s hand skills are developing further. By this time, initiate activities that would make him practice pincer grasp. Give him small but safer toys to play like plastic spoons and cups. You can also put him outside in the grassy area. Have him play around as he grabs the grass. Again, be sure to keep him away from swallowing anything he’s been playing with.

Eighth Month

Teach your baby how to define words such as body parts by mentioning words like nose and pointing it to his nose. It is on the baby’s eighth month that he is getting some sense out of the words he recognized. Also, let him play with shapes and objects.

Ninth Month

Your baby will eventually become fascinated with how things work especially with hinged objects. On his ninth month, closely guide him as he plays with cabinet doors, stiff cardboards, and other toys that pop open.

Tenth Month

On the tenth month, play ‘Where Did It Go?’ This will help him develop fine motor skills. Also, your baby will start to learn the concept of object permanence. Start by hiding some brightly colored objects under obvious hideouts like a scarf and help him uncover it. Eventually, he’ll get to learn things out of his own way.

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Eleventh Month

Always talk to your baby. Don’t just rely with baby DVDs or TV. Establishing conversations with your baby will help him develop his language skills. On his eleventh month, do some more activities that require him to listen to songs and babble words.

Twelfth Month

Your baby’s development relies deeply on your eagerness to help him understand the world around him. Though some would show some early signs of speaking clearly, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your baby maybe developing faster than the others. Babies mature at their own pace. Just keep him with healthy lifestyle and enjoy the quality moments.

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