Can Money Buy Happiness?

Money buy happinessWhat could be the best ways to spend hard earned money? As famous band the Beatles once sang “Money can’t buy me love”, questions like can greenbacks buy a measure of happiness still abound. Truly, psychologists agree but still a lot of people really don’t know how to spend for maximum happiness.

Yes, having money can open the gateway to happiness but most people squander because they think the things they can buy can really make them happy, but actually they don’t.

A young psychology researcher says while most people don’t think of professors as being wealthy, she suddenly found herself like ‘the nouveau riche,’ with a lot more money than she had previously. Delving into the research, she found out that people often misjudge purchases on three counts: “People mispredict what will make them happy, how happy it will make them, and how long that happiness will last.”

Puddles of Pleasure, Peaks of Presumption

An concrete example of a puddle of pleasure which is similar to a springtime puddle evaporating under a stifling summer sun is purchasing new bathroom models or couches. They can bring delight but often such emotion vanishes faster than people expect. As time passes by such new things can become ordinary slowly fade into the background.

This doesn’t mean to say that money and spending play a negligible role in the search for happiness. Actually, rich people have better nutrition and medical care, more meaningful work, and lots of extra free time adding up to a healthy lifestyle.

So it is best to spend your money in order to maximize happiness. Why not try these tips?

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Tip 1: Buy experiences instead of things.

Investing into lots of material things cannot assure true happiness. People will have the tendency to comparisons and buyer’s remorse. But when experiences, they can improve well-being, increase your social network, offer more novelty and variety making you happier and enjoy life more. Recalling the memories can add up to one’s identity as well.

Tip 2: Consider that many small pleasures might be better than a few big ones.

Which can make you happier? Having big-ticket items, like a sports car, or indulging frequently on small things, such as lattes and manicures?

This does not mean that saving up for a major purchase is noteworthy, it simply says that in terms of happiness, buying frequent doses of nice things can bring more happiness. Its not the intensity but the frequency of pleasures since most people don’t adapt to them and become bored immediately.

Tip 3: Spend on others and not yourself.

It is better to be a blessor than the blessee. A research study that was being conducted states that spending on others can make one happier than being focused on ones indulgences. By having emotional MRI brain scans, the joys of social spending can be detected. Volunteering to give money activated brain areas typically associated with receiving rewards, but so did mandatory giving.

Humans, as a complex social creature, the quality of our relationships tends to improve our happiness scale. So whenever you buy a cookie, take the time to treat your pal too.

Tip 4: Rent a dose of happiness.

Frugality is a smart choice. Enjoying something doesn’t always mean owning it. If driving a luxury car gives you the thrills why not just rent one occasionally.

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Tip 5: When you buy, think about what you’re not thinking about.

Another thing to remember is avoid making hasty decisions. This is a common pitfall for everyone. Consider the pros and cons of a certain choice of buying something. Especially when major items, try to consider the less obvious cost, including how a purchase might affect your time and try to formulate some future thoughts about it.

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