What Is The Creighton Model?

The Creighton Model is a method of natural family planning that does not require any barrier methods or medications. It is a safe and natural way for understanding a woman’s cycle and her times of fertility.

Women have natural means to know when they are fertile and infertile. Specifically, by checking cervical secretions and charting the observations every day, a woman can take control and understand her cycle. The Creighton Method is even effective for women with abnormal menstrual cycles. Trained practitioners at FertilityCare Centers teach the method and help couples monitor the results of their charting. It is a safe and natural way to both achieve and prevent pregnancy.

Check out the following testimonial of Sarah from Missouri, a current participant in the international  CEIBACreighton Model study:

“I had been on birth control since my teenage years because of issues with my menstrual cycle (irregular, heavy bleeding, unbearable cramping, mood swings, etc) and I had seen a lot of the side effects it had on my body. As we began looking into it, we learned that using the Creighton Model would help me figure out some of my female issues as well as provide a way to avoid pregnancy. I quickly realized that birth control was just a band-aid solution. Through learning to chart from a nurse (and having a good doctor), we would be able to figure out exactly where the issues stem from so we can fix it naturally rather than putting synthetic hormones into my body. My husband and I started learning the Creighton Model a few months before our wedding and it was not hard, it’s just a commitment. We always felt extremely supported! We couldn’t be happier knowing that we are preventing pregnancy naturally and when the time comes for us to have children, we are confident that this model will help us achieve pregnancy just as easily as we were able to prevent it. Being a part of the CEIBA study is very important to us, as well. We want to show others that Natural Family Planning is a healthy and effective way to avoid pregnancy. We just wish that more people knew about it!”

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If you are interested or you would like to learn more about the Creighton Model or the study you can search us on facebook under “Creighton Model Study” or “CEIBA study.”


This is a guest post from Kaitlin Carruth, BS, MPH(c). Kaitlin’s hobbies include swimming, rock climbing, and rowing. She is currently a student at the University of Utah and a proponent of the Creighton Model and natural family planning.

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  1. I have read somewhere that after thirty years of remarkable study, the secrecy of the menstrual and fertility cycle has been unraveled through the CREIGHTON MODEL

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