Amazing Ways To Diminish Wrinkles

Diminishing wrinkles

Lie on Your Back

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, certain sleeping positions cause the appearance of wrinkles (the so-called sleep lines) in certain areas. These wrinkles can appear in your cheeks or chin when you sleep sideways. Those who sleep face down are likely to have a furrowed brow. AAD recommends sleeping on one’s back to prevent these wrinkles.

Avoid Squinting – Get Reading Glasses Instead!

According to AAD, repetitive movement of the facial muscles such as squinting can cause overworking of the muscles in the face, which may create a grove below the surface of the skin, eventually turning into a wrinkle. Keep your eyes widely open and wear reading glasses so you don’t have to squint. Wearing sunglasses is also advisable since they can reduce sun exposure, prevent skin damage and prevent squinting due to sunlight.

Eat a Lot of Fish, Especially Salmon

Salmon (as well as other cold-water marine animals) is not only a good source of protein, which is a building block of skin tissue, but is also a great source of fatty acids called omega-3. These fatty acids nourish the skin while keeping it plump and youthful, according to Nicholas Perricone MD, dermatologist at Omegap Yale.

Eat Soy Products

According to research, eating soy can prevent skin damages due to sun exposure. A study published in the European Journal of Nutrition stated that taking soy-based supplements with fish protein, vitamins and extracts from grape seeds, white tea and tomato could enhance the firmness and structure of the skin in only six months.

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Drink Cocoa Instead of Coffee

According to a study that appeared in the 2006 issue of the Journal of Nutrition, cocoa that contain large amount of dietary flavonols epicatchin and catechin could protect the skin from the damaging effects of sunlight, improve blood circulation of in skin, hydrate the skin and make the skin smoother and more youthful.

Do Not Wash Your Face Too Much

Tap water can rinse away too much oil and natural moisture from the skin, according to skin experts at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Lacking skin moisture results into wrinkles. Washing your face too often deprives your skin of its natural protection. Do not use soap that has no moisturizers. It is better to use facial cleanser instead.

Observe Proper Skin Care

Follow the basic skin care procedures to keep your skin young looking and healthy. They include avoiding sun exposure, wearing sunblock cream, not smoking and applying moisturizers.

Apply Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)

AHAs are natural fruit acids that peel off dead skin cells and reduce wrinkles and fine lines, especially those around the eyes. Recent study shows that AHA, when used in high concentration, can trigger the production of collagen.

The Wonders of HGH Releasers

The pituitary gland is responsible for the secretion of human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone plays a role in the growth and repair of cells. Having a high level of HGH means that the body is capable of replacing worn-out and aging cells. However, HGH production declines as the pituitary gland ages and becomes inactive, resulting to the decline in the production of other hormones as well. Low level of HGH results into loose skin and wrinkles. There are HGH releasers such as HGH-X2, which can stimulate the production of this hormone. Taking HGH releasers regularly can trigger the production of elastin and collagen. These two substances make you look younger by filling facial tissues. HGH also promotes the growth of new muscle cells and repairs skin cells while restructuring the sublayer of facial skin, thus leading to a more youthful appearance.

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