Secrets To Getting Bootyliciously Bigger Butts

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Sexy ButtThe right physical workout can be the solution to your flat butt.

There are inexpensive ways to get that Brazilian butt without getting through a painful procedure.

Although your natural physique and genetics mainly define the size and contour of your butt, it is possible to shape it so as to make you sexier in your tight jeans.

Follow these healthy lifestyle exercise tips and you’ll be surprised with the results.

Working Out the Gluteal Muscles

Several muscles determine the shape of your behind: gluteus medius, gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus (lying under other muscles). In addition, the fat deposit can also make a butt look fuller. Certain exercises like walking, sprinting and climbing work the glutes. Strength training can make these muscles become tighter and look rounder. Try these butt-busting exercises that target butt muscles, making them look fuller and firmer.

Tone your Butt With Squats

Squat is the number one toning exercise for butt. This exercise directly works on the glutes. You can develop bigger butt muscles by working with weights. Be sure to keep proper body alignment during the exercise.

Position: Stand with your feet placed parallel to each other, shoulder-width apart. Gently lower your hips as if you are taking a seat, and then raise your hips as you return to the standing position. Keep your knees from extending beyond the front of your toes. Make sure that your torso is kept tight with your back in a straight posture.

Ball Squat

Exercise - Ball SquatFor beginners, the use of stability ball is recommended. Try to have 3 sets of 15 repetitions for each of your workout. For beginners, this is a good way to start. Each routine can be done three times a week.

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Position: Place the ball between the wall and your lower back.

Then do the classic squat.

Put your feet forward to keep your knees behind your toes.

Forward Lunge

Exercise - Forward LungeThis butt-building exercise tones the calves and thighs. It is also good for burning calories.

Position: Put your feet parallel to each other, hip-distance apart.

Take a big step forward.

Lower your hip slowly as you bend your knees, then return to the standing position.

Do the same on the opposite side.

Your knees should be bent not more than 90 degrees, with the front knee stacked right over your front ankle.

Do not lay your back knee resting on the ground.

Backward Lunge

This exercise is more strenuous than forward lunge. You can try this variation to make your workout less monotonous. This exercise can also make hips more flexible while promoting proper body alignment, which can be a problem for those who spend most of their working hours sitting at computer desk.

Position: Follow the same position as that of forward lunge, but put one foot backward as you squat. Do not push your front knees beyond your toes.

Side Lunge

Exercise - Side LungeThis variation directly works the muscles outside the hips while toning the inner thighs as well.

Position: Bend one of your knees and keep the shinbone below the knee vertical to the ground.

Take a shorter stance if your knee falls inside your foot.

Gently lean forward as you keep your shoulders at the back of your knees to prevent injury.

Position your hand in such a way so as to promote balance.

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Leg Lift With Ball

Exercise - Leg LiftYou can firm up your butt, abs and shoulders by doing leg lifts while balancing a ball.

Lift your two legs simultaneously for a more challenging workout.

Position: Keep your back flat and your abdomen tight.

Tighten your gluteal muscles while raising one leg.

A few inches will do.

Do not work the muscles of your lower back.

Hip Lift

Exercise - Hip LiftThis exercise specifically targets the gluteus maximus, the biggest muscle of the butt.

Do not work the back muscles when doing this exercise.

Position: Bend your knees at 90 degrees.

Keep your feet close together.

Squeeze your butt as you raise your thighs off the ball.

Aim for a 2-inch movement.


Exercise - BridgeThis exercise is also good for the hips and hamstrings.

Position: Bend your knees and keep your feet hip-width apart.

Gently peel your back off the floor from the tailbone, one vertebra after another, as you tighten the glutes and hamstrings.

Stop when you have made a diagonal line across the shoulders and knees.

Lower gradually, one vertebra at a time.

Side Leg Raise

Exercise - Side Leg RaiseThis exercise is aimed at gluteus medius and minimus.

Position: Raise the top leg as you lie on your side.

Straighten your top leg and flex your foot.

The hips should be kept stacked while the torso is held still.

Both knees should face forward.

Try turning the elevated leg out from the hip to use different muscles.

Dirty Dog

Exercise - Dirty DogThe exercise targets two muscle groups.

Position: The knees should be kept hip-width apart.

Put your arms below your shoulder.

Tighten the ab as you keep a straight back.

Raise one knee and rotate the hip, bringing the leg toward the torso, then pull it away.

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A picture of a dog taking a piss comes to  mind 🙂

Running Plank

Exercise - Running PlankThis exercise is good for the gluteal muscles, as well as hips and core muscles.

It should be done quickly to burn calories while building muscles.

Position: Make use of the abdominal muscles for lower back protection.

Keep your fingers apart for wrist protection.


This will target the butt and help you burn calories. When using a treadmill, set the incline at 5% to 7%.

Cardio and Aerobic Workouts

Try stair steppers, elliptical machines, arc trainers, cycling and inline skating. You can also try aerobic exercises. Some people need to bulk up to get their butt muscles look full. But do not stress yourself too much on exercise machine. Do not use much weight for butt exercises.

Slimming down can also result into better looking butt. Avoid fatty diet, burn excess fat and try to lose excess weight.

The key to having a fuller butt is having bigger gluteal muscles. So increase the resistance on your stationary bike and other exercise machine. Add more weights during strength training and do more repetitions. Shorten your rest period and choose a bodybuilding diet.

Other Ways to Enhance the Butt

For those with money, cosmetic surgery can do the trick. There are butt-enhancing procedures that involve implants, reshaping and lifts.

There are also many undergarments that have a lifting effect on the bottom. You can use elastic panels or padding.

Use flared and boot-cut jeans to look slimmer. Back pockets can also deceive the eye and make your bottom look fuller.

By Fitium for Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine

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  1. Structured Water says:

    The final butt increasing work out is the full squat. It not only can radically boost the size of your butt, but it will also get better the figure of your legs, giving a more regular look. It must be done correctly, though, or else you can damage your back.

  2. Steven says:

    I really like the fact your exercise suggestions for a bootyliciously butt can all be done at home without expensive equipment – except for the cardio equipment. But the cardio equipment is available for the home.

    With respect to using an elliptical trainer for a bootyliciously butt, try increasing the resistance and focusing on powering the stride with your upper legs rather than powering the elliptical with the arms. It takes a litte practice at first, but in time you’ll get the hang of it.

  3. Edgar Alford says:

    If you really complete all the above exercises, you will indeed get the butt you wanted! I really enjoyed the reading the post!. Keep up the good job on your site! Thanks for sharing! Bookmark for future reference!

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